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Having a baby is expensive. In fact, the USDA's Cost of Raising a Child Calculator estimates it costs nearly $11,000 to provide for a baby during the first year. With such a high price tag, anything you can get free, helps. It takes some effort to find quality, free items for your baby, but it can be done and the money you save will make it all worth it.

Get Free Baby Stuff From Baby Companies

One of the most direct ways to get free newborn baby things, free baby supplies like free pacifiers, and even free gifts for pregnant women is to contact baby product company's directly or join their special programs. Sometimes all you have to do is send a complimentary note, other times you have to sign up for a rewards program.

Pampers Rewards Program

The Pampers Rewards program allows you to earn points by scanning codes from Pampers diapers and wipes packages to their app.

  • You can then use those points to purchase items from their rewards catalog, which includes Pampers products like diapers and toys for babies.
  • Signing up is free, but you'll need to purchase Pampers products to earn points.
  • If you have friends who use Pampers, but don't participate in the rewards program, you can get free points from the codes on their purchased products.

Huggies Rewards Program

Through the Huggies Rewards Program, you can earn points with every purchase of Huggies diapers or wipes. You get 10 points for every dollar spent and can use those points to redeem free baby toys, Huggies diapers, and gift cards for baby, Mom, and Dad. You'll have to submit your receipts either online or using the Huggies Rewards Mobile App to claim your reward points.

Nicki's Diapers Free Gifts and Rewards Program

If you choose to cloth diaper, you may be able to get a few free samples from different cloth diaper companies. Nicki's Diapers focuses on selling cloth diapers and accessories, baby wearing products, and other environmentally friendly baby items.

  • As a valued customer you automatically get a free gift with every purchase over $49.
  • Gifts include diaper covers or small products such as lotions depending on the amount you spend.
  • The company also has a rewards program where you earn one point for every dollar spent. Points add up to gift certificates that end up being free products for you.

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

When you join the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program using your email address you get free samples and products as long as you remain a member.

  • Within two weeks you'll start seeing a Welcome Box filled with formula coupons and fun Belly Badges.
  • Over time you'll receive up to $400 worth of samples, coupons, and products including baby formula and toddler formula.
  • Canadian residents can sign up for the My Family Beginnings by Enfamil A+ Program that is equivalent to the U.S. version.

Similac Strong Moms Rewards

Joining Similac Strong Moms Rewards gets you things like a free can of Similac formula, a baby organizer, and coupons and vouchers for other freebies. When you use the coupon checks they send you to buy Similac formula, you accumulate points. These rewards points then get you additional savings on Similac formula.

My Gerber Program

Through the My Gerber program you get a variety of free parenting tools along with access to occasional coupons, samples, and deals on Gerber products for your baby's current developmental stage. Their 24/7 assistant, Dotti, is always available to answer your parenting questions with a quick text message from you. You'll also get a free, customizable menu planner and exclusive surprise offers.

Baby Registry Freebies

Most baby registries today come with some type of free gifts and perks that lead to free gifts. The best baby registries that offer freebies and perks include Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Buy Buy Baby. Each of these retailers offers some type of free welcome box full of free baby stuff.

Get Free Baby Stuff From the Government

Federal and state governments fund and sponsor programs mostly for low-income families that support your baby's health and well-being. Check with your local Depart of Social Services to find out what programs are available and which ones you are eligible for.

WIC Program for Mothers and Children

If you are a low-income family, you may qualify for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, more commonly referred to as WIC.

  • Pregnant women and women with children ages five and under who qualify based on household income are eligible to receive free formula, baby food, and healthy foods.
  • Women and children participating in the WIC program can also receive nutritional education and counseling along.
  • Babies and kids can get free health screenings and immunization screenings.

Breast Pumps Through the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is a comprehensive health plan that started in 2010. One of the provisions is that most insurance companies are required to cover free breast pump purchases or rentals for expecting and nursing mothers. Check out the specifics of the law and talk to your insurance company about how they cover free breast pumps.

Car Seat Distribution Programs

Federal and state funding is available for groups to use in purchasing child safety seats to distribute for free to families in need. Check with your local police department or hospital to find out if there is a free car seat distribution program in your area. In many cases, you only need to ask for a car seat and there is no additional paperwork to complete. In some cases, you may need to provide proof of income to show financial need.

Get Free Baby Stuff From Nonprofits and Private Organizations

Organizations that focus on caring for others often find innovative and easy ways to get free baby stuff into the hands of those who need it most. You can check with child and family organizations in your area to see what programs are available or call 2-1-1 to get connected with organizations in your area.

Care Net Pregnancy Center Donations

Care Net is a registered nonprofit organization with a Christ-centered approach to helping parents through pregnancy and rearing children. Their free pregnancy centers across the U.S. offer support and resources along with pregnancy and STI/STD testing, and baby supplies. Free materials provided by these pregnancy centers include diapers, strollers, car seats, cribs, and even maternity clothes provided by donations of both goods and money.

National Cloth Diaper Banks

Cloth diaper banks are like free second-hand stores for cloth diapers.

  • Families can donate gently used cloth diapers when they no longer need them.
  • Families in need can then apply to borrow the cloth diapers for a certain time period before returning them.
  • Share the Love features over 100 locations in the U.S. where families who show proof of qualifying for WIC, TANF, or other government assistance programs can borrow a set of cloth diapers.

Operation Shower

Expectant military families can get free baby stuff through Operation Shower. There are two programs under this organization.

  • Group baby showers are held around the country where donations fund free gift boxes for military moms.
  • Individual families can apply to receive a free box of supplies through the B is for Baby Box program (BIBB).
  • Check with your Family Readiness Officer to learn about group showers in your area or for help applying to the BIBB program. These programs may not always be accepting new requests, so check back frequently.

Hospital Freebies

Check with your doctor's office and local hospital to see what freebies they offer for new parents.

  • Many companies provide hospitals and OBGYN's with free goodies to get the word out about their products, so don't be afraid to ask.
  • Sometimes you may have to fill out a short survey, take a parenting class, or give birth to get the loot.
  • The items your baby uses in the hospital are often yours to take as well because the hospital can't reuse them. You will usually get a free blanket, a pacifier, a hat, a nasal aspirator and some diapers and wipes.

Get Free Baby Stuff in the Mail

You may not like junk mail, but as a new mom, it can become your new friend. Join mailing lists for baby magazines, parenting newsletters, and kid-focused coupon websites. By joining these mailing lists, you will often get free samples of diaper cream, formula, and other items in the mail.

Get Free Baby Stuff From Swaps and Classifieds

Check out online groups and websites to find local or regional swap groups. While these groups may also include moms selling baby items, many of them are giving away unwanted items or swapping items.

  • Everything from unused formula coupons to toys, clothes, and unopened packs of diapers are fair fame.
  • Remember to share the wealth by offering things to other moms as your baby outgrows them.
  • Mom-2-Mom Facebook groups that are dedicated to baby stuff swaps can be found for your local area to make pickup easy.

Fun Freebies for Baby

There are also a few random freebies you can get, just for having a baby. Sending your baby's birth announcement to the White House will get you an official letter from the President. Check with your local Senator or Congressman/Congresswoman for a quick and easy way to sign up. Companies such as Gymboree and Kindermusik allow you to sign up for a free class.

Find Freebies by Asking

Don't be shy when it comes to getting free things for your baby. Most companies do not advertise free products because they do not want to be overwhelmed with requests, but they also want your business. Send an e-mail, write a letter, or fill out a website contact form and you may end up with free samples, coupons, and valuable pieces of information. Companies know that parents share information and giving you a free sample may encourage you to share their products with your friends.

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