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5 Ways to Get Free Pacifiers

Michele Meleen
Baby pacifiers

Buying baby necessities can get expensive, even for the smallest items. Fortunately, free samples of baby soothies, binkies, or pacifiers are one of the many perks of being a new parent. If you plan to use pacifiers as a comforting mechanism for your new baby, be sure to take advantage of freebies to save yourself some money.

Online Offers for Free Baby Pacifiers

The Internet is a great place to retrieve free baby items, including pacifiers. Manufacturers sometimes offer pacifiers as a free gift in the hope that you and your child will choose their brand. The following sites offer freebies for new parents:

  • MAM Club members receive free samples of products, which may be pacifiers on occasion, to test out before they are introduced in stores.
  • JollyPop includes free pacifiers with the purchase special items such as personalized bibs and JollyPop stuffed animals.
  • Although the contents are subject to change, Noobie Box currently offers a Boon pacifier in their Free Pregnancy Gift Box that expecting moms can claim once per year.

Free Pacifiers From Parenting Classes and Groups

If you're wondering where to get free newborn baby things, check with your OBGYN, the hospital where you'll give birth, groups offering parenting classes for new parents, and support groups for new parents.

  • Government programs and pacifier manufacturers identify people who have an upcoming need through organizations and programs. They may send out pacifiers as product samples, in the form of coupons, or as part of funds to buy baby items as gifts for participants.
  • Hospitals may give out free gift bags that could include pacifiers when they give tours of the maternity ward, you complete a birthing class, or after you give birth.
  • Community baby showers for lower-income families are also a great place to find free, donated baby supplies such as pacifiers.

Pacifiers As Gifts for Expectant Parents

Expectant mothers and fathers will most likely receive at least one pacifier as a gift from someone or somewhere. While you don't want to bank on these options, it's wise to wait until after your baby shower to purchase any baby items so you know exactly what you still need.

Free Pacifiers From Baby Registries

Signing up for baby registries usually comes with some perks, which may include a pacifier or coupons for specific brands of pacifiers. The best baby shower registries that offer perks and freebies are free to sign up for and include a wide variety of useful baby items.

Pacifiers As Baby Shower Gifts

You can reasonably expect to get pacifiers as gifts at your baby shower because they are among the less expensive gift options. Some guests might have favorite pacifiers they like to gift while others might choose trendy items like a pacifier clip or cute plush animal pacifier holder. Pacifiers are also great as decorative items for a gift because they can be tied to a present with ribbon as a pacifier corsage.

Little baby booties and gift boxes

Free Pacifier With Purchase

Look for marked Graco travel systems and infant car seats that include both a 5 oz. NUK® Simply Natural™ Bottle and NUK® orthodontic pacifier free with purchase. You'll have to shop at Target or Walmart in-store to look for the specially marked packaging.

How to Save Money on Pacifier Purchases

Once your little one is born, you can continue to save money on pacifiers using manufacturers coupons.

  • You can find coupons in newspapers, online at coupons and coupon code sites, or directly with pacifier manufacturers.
  • Sign up for the Avent monthly newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and offers on pacifiers and many other baby products.
  • Head to the Nuk website to sign up for the More for Moms Rewards Program where you'll get exclusive savings on their products, which include pacifiers.

Never Pay Full Price for a Paci

Getting free baby stuff like pacifiers is easier than you might think. Never pay full price for pacifiers if you do not have to because you may need to test out a few types and brands to find the perfect fit for your baby. Explore free options available to you or take a moment to retrieve money saving coupons from your favorite manufacturers to free up funds that can be used for other high-demand baby items like diapers and wipes.

5 Ways to Get Free Pacifiers