Popular French Baby Names

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Popular French baby names include top names found in France or other French-speaking countries like Canada and those inspired by French words or historical figures. Baby names inspired by this country often sound beautiful, elegant, romantic and strong.

Baby Names for Girls

Gentle girl names with lots of vowel sounds and short names with one or two syllables are on trend in French cultures around the world. For example, all the top ten baby girl names in Quebec from 2016 end in either an "e" or an "a." Popular French names for baby girls include those inspired by royalty and those featuring descriptive imagery.


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This Old French name sits in the Top 50 names for Canada and the U.S. Meaning "leads with wisdom," this unisex name works for boys or girls but is currently more popular for girls. Other spellings include Averi and Averie. You could also go for something similar such as Aubri and Averill. Parents taking a gender-neutral approach will love this simple, strong name.


Pronounced "a-LEES" in the French form, this name takes a top spot in Quebec's most popular baby girl names. Meaning "person of nobility," Alice has plenty of modern pop culture references including the character from the Twilight series and traditional references like the character from beloved children's books and movies about Alice in Wonderland. Other spellings to make the name more unique include Alys, Aeleis and Alicia.


Ranking high in Sweden and Norway, this popular name also sits in the Top 1,000 U.S. girl names. Pronounced "say-Leen" this celestial name means "moon." Use this as the nickname for a little girl named Marceline or consider paying homage to the great singer Céline Dion.


Meaning "unrestricted," this classic name is reminiscent of the children's book character in Charlotte's Web and has modern ties to English baby, Princess Charlotte. Those in search of a classy, traditional name can use this one then make it feel more modern with a fun nickname like Char or Lottie.


A take on popular name Louise, Eloise is the UK's top French-sounding baby name for girls. Pronounced "eh-low-eez," this beautiful name means "sun." Girls with this name can be called Elle for short and might embody the mischievous nature of popular children's character Eloise.


From the Old French for "esteemed" this short girls name follows the vowel sounds trend and ranks high in England and the Netherlands. Pronounced "EZ-may" this sophisticated name gained fame from a 1950's J. D. Salinger novel and the character from the Twilight series. Take your baby girl's name from common to exotic with the French spelling or give it an English twist by removing the accent mark and spelling it Esmee.


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Featured in Nameberry's Fresh French Names category, Fleur is the French word for "flower." Those who love floral names like Rose and Lilly will love this less common take. Fleur reached its peak in the U.S. in the 1920's then plummeted in popularity before returning as a favorite, thanks in part to the Harry Potter character of the same name. Similar names include Flora and Florence.


The French word for "pretty," Jolie is a short, sweet name making a leap in popularity in the U.S. in the early 2000's. The name's meaning, combined with use by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, make this the perfect monicker for little girls. Similar names include Josie, Julie and Joelle.


This feminine form of Louis channels the French Kings of the past. Meaning "famed warrior," this old-fashioned name reigns supreme in the number three spot of France's most popular girl names in 2017. The name is also rising in popularity in the U.S. Modern variations include the name Louisa or the nickname Lou.


Meaning "pearl" this classic French name can also be spelled Margot or Margo. Sitting in the top 30 names in France, this unique name is rising in popularity in the U.S. thanks to its timeless nature, romantic sound and uniqueness. Similar names include Margaret and Morgan.


If unique and romantic is what you're after, Melisande is a perfect combination of these attributes. Pronounced "may-lee-sond," this name means "strong worker" and is a favorite in Quebec and the U.K. Fans of Game of Thrones will note Melisandre was the name of the Red Woman with powers to speak with the gods and even bring a man back from death. This powerful name with a romantic sound is the ideal pairing for feminists and those seeking to promote girl power. Similar names include Melinda or Melissa, and you could call your little girl Mel or Sandy for short.


Parents looking for nature-inspired names want to consider Océane, pronounced "oh-say-on." This beautiful, adventurous name literally means "from the ocean" and is popular for baby girls in France. Other marine-sounding names include Delphine, Coralie and Marina.


Pronounced "raw-zah-lee," this floral-inspired name is from the Latin word for "rose." Parents looking for natural names infused with romance love this ultra-feminine floral name found in Quebec's top ten. Made famous by film, this name headlined a movie in the 1930's and is one of the main characters from the Twilight series. Change up the spelling to Rosalee or use cute nicknames like Rosie and Rosa.

Baby Boy Names

French boy names popular in France, Quebec, Belgium and the U.S. focus on tradition. These strong, masculine names are often inspired by royalty or Biblical heroes.

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Pronounced "ba-teest," this religious name comes from the Greek word meaning "to dip." Most recognized as a descriptor in the famous Bible story about John the Baptist, this name is a favorite in France and on the rise in the U.S. Call him T for short or consider similar-sounding names like Bartholomew and Bastien for your saintly little boy.


Meaning "handsome" in French, this short name is popular in non-French speaking countries like the U.S. Parents who love romantic, yet masculine names with love this easy moniker. Take the name even shorter with the spelling Bo or use it as a nickname for a stronger name like Beauregard.


Celebrities like Dax Shepard and sci-fi characters like the one in Star Trek have helped make this trendy name popular in the U.S. Named after a French town, the word is a simple place name without other meaning. Other names like Dax following the "x" trend include Axel, Max and Maddox.


Meaning "rival," this handsome name is pronounced "AY-mil-yen" and can easily be shortened to Emile. Variations in other languages include Emilio or Emanuel. Parents looking for a modern and French-sounding name will love this easy option.


This French form of the name Jasper is on a rapid rise in the U.S. Pronounced "gas-par," the name means "master of treasure" making this moniker perfect for boys destined to work in the financial sector. Similar names include Casper and Gaston.


Made famous by the conceited, brute character from Beauty and the Beast, Gaston means "guest." Pronounced "ga-stohn," parents looking for a less common name with strength can get behind this option. Similar names include Gascon, Gavin and Galton. This cool guy name is featured on Nameberry's top list of Cool French Boys' Names.


This unisex name has a strong presence on the boys' name top ten list in France and Belgium thanks to historical inspirations like author Jules Verne. Meaning "young," Jules is the French form of Julius. Other variations include Julio and Yuli. Boys with an adventurous, creative spirit deserve a name like Jules.


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The ultimate name in French royalty, Louis still reigns in the top ten boy names in France. Pronounced "loo-ee," this name is perfect for the little king in your life and means "famed fighter." Call him Lou or pronounce the name in a more American form like "loo-iss." Other French king names include Charles, Henry and Phillip.


Popular around the world, this simple boys name comes from the French last name meaning "to make" used by stone workers. Change up the spelling to Mayson to give this strong boy name originality, or opt for a similar name like Maison or Maslon. Parents looking for a masculine name that's easy to spell and pronounce should consider this moniker.


Found in Nameberry's top Cool French Boys' Names, Mathis is another more exciting version of the name Matthew. Meaning "gift of God," this modern name is pronounced "mah-teese" in France or "ma-this" in English. Similar names include Maddux and Matheo. This name works great for trendsetters who don't want to stray too far from familiar.


Pronounced "ran-yay" or "rain-eer," this French name originates from the Norse for "decisive warrior." Parents looking for less common names inspired by royalty might like this option. Similar-sounding names include Raynor, Rafer and Tanner.


This unisex name is on the rise for boys in the U.S. and the alternate spelling of Rémi is popular in France. Meaning "from Rheims," this name is inspired by a town in France. Pronounced "ray-MEE," this is a great option for parents who are looking for a unique name with French origins. Similar sounding names include Romeo, Remus and Rey.

A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

French-inspired baby names have mass appeal because they sound beautiful and cool. Whether taken from traditional words or historical figures, these names have something special other names don't. These popular French names are perfect for little ones from French cultures or parents looking for that strong, romantic feeling.

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Popular French Baby Names