Funny Pacifiers to Crack You Up

Funny Two Front Teeth Pacifier

Funny pacifiers are popular for photo ops and family gatherings, but they can also bring a little levity to frustrating times when your baby has been fussy.

Novel Pacifiers

You can buy an ordinary pacifier or you can purchase a novelty pacifier to add just a touch of fun to the everyday parenting routine. After all, not every day goes off without a hitch, without the fussy times or events where it's difficult to give your baby the undivided attention he or she is looking for. Pacifiers are used for just these sorts of events, and if you're going to use a pacifier, why not have fun with it? You can find so many fun ideas on the market today that you're sure to come up with a few different pacifiers to suit your sense of humor.

For example, have you seen the mood pacifier? This is a new pacifier fashioned after the mood rings of the 1980s. A stone at the center of the mood pacifier changes color as the baby sucks. The different colors are said to represent the baby's mood. Green is good. Go green!

Popular Funny Pacifiers

What one person thinks is funny another may not, but the following funny pacifiers are some of the most popular.

Mute Button Pacifier

The mute button pacifier is a favorite among parents and grandparents of all ages. These funny pacifiers are available in blue, pink or white. Not only do these pacifiers bring a smile to the face of family and friends, but they are a quality pacifier that can be used for more than a gag. The design is recommended for babies from ages 3-36 months.

Other creations by Expressions Pacifiers include:

  • My Dad Rocks
  • My Mom Rocks
  • Stud Muffin
  • Spoiled
  • Li'l Diva

Kiss Me Pacifier

The Kiss Me Pacifier looks like a set a big red lips as your baby satisfies her or her need to suckle. These pacifiers are recommended for babies from ages 3-36 months.

Two Front Teeth

Manufactured by Broadway Baby, the Two Front Teeth baby pacifier looks like a pair of lips with two front teeth protruding. The orthodontic nipple is recommended for babies 3 months and older.

Chomp Baby Pacifier

Chomp Baby Pacifier

The Chomp Baby pacifier is manufactured by Billy Bob Teeth and is only one of a whole line of funny pacifiers made by Billy Bob Teeth. The one thing most of them have in common aesthetically is the look of bad teeth, but the pacifiers themselves are dentist approved and have a silicone orthodontic nipple.

Other Billy Bob novelty pacifiers include:

Pacifiers are used to calm crying babies and at the same time give parents a break from the tension that arises when a baby is fussy. A funny pacifier can actually help to lighten a mom or dad's mood when their little one finally calms down. To look into the face of your baby and see a set of Billy Bob chompers or a mute button might just give you a lift mentally. Levity aside, not everyone agrees on pacifier usage, and it's a good idea not to overuse them. If or when you do choose a pacifier, however, funny or not, it is important that you buy a quality pacifier that's safe.

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Funny Pacifiers to Crack You Up