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Top German Baby Names

Michele Meleen
German Babies

German baby names are notorious for sounding strong and powerful. Traditional names have evolved over the years into shorter, modern versions that coincide with pop culture trends. If you want a German name that's popular now, these options are perfect for your baby.

Boy Baby Names

Baby Boy

Popular German names for boys feature hard consonant sounds giving them a sense of masculinity. Even the shorter names or nickname versions of classic names keep that powerful feeling making these names ideal for future leaders in any occupational field.


Meaning "father of peace" this trending U.S. name is strong, masculine and modern. Ironically, this bold name has a rock 'n roll feel thanks to famous rocker Axl Rose. If you're after a cutting-edge name with a high style and a loving meaning, this is the name for you. Those who aren't ready to take on such a trendy name might like similar options such as Alex or Dax.


Parents who want a less common name with religious ties will love Bruno, a name shared by the saint who started the Carthusian order of monks. Meaning "brown" this popular name in Germany is strong and has modern pop culture ties thanks to singer Bruno Mars.


This shortened version of the classic name Friedrich is a top twenty name in the U.K according to Meaning "peaceful ruler" this bold, yet modern monicker is perfect for future leaders. Nicknames as first names are trendy around the world so you'll pay homage to traditional names and stay on trend with this one.


This German form of John means "God is gracious." As a top name in Germany, this classic name is reminiscent of great creators like inventor Johannes Gutenberg or composer Johannes Brahms. Parents looking for an intellectual name with international flair will love this option.


Also spelled Leonard or Lennart and popular in Germany, this classic name means "strength of a lion." Call him Leo for short and you've got a nickname that's become more popular as a first name in countries like the U.S.


From the German word "rike" meaning "rich" this modern name is popular for baby boys in the U.S. Parents looking for striking, inventive names similar to Ryan or Ryder love this trendy name.


If short and strong is what you're after, Till is a great option you won't see much outside Germany where it's in the top fifty names for boys. Meaning "people" this kid sounds like the boy-next-door in an original way. More unique variations include Thilo and Tillo.

Girl Baby Names

Baby girl

Baby girl name trends include lots of soft vowel sounds at the beginning and end of the name according to Baby Center. This trend isn't limited to the U.S. as many of these German origin names are popular throughout the world. These names embody the traditional nature of German names where strong and slightly feminine sounds are prominent. Options like these are perfect for the girl next door or the future feminist ready to take on the world.


Meaning "noble one" this beautiful name is derived from the German Adelheidis, which could be a more unique form of this name trending in the U.S. Pronounced "Ah-duh-laid," you could call her Addie, Ada, Adele, Lady or Dell for short.


While Emery is a gender neutral name it is most popular in the U.S. as a girl's name. Meaning "industrious" this rising star is a welcome alternative to the ultra-popular Emma, Emily and Emilia. Parents looking for a strong girl name that sounds familiar like this bold monicker.


Perhaps the most popular name around the world, Emma ironically means "universal" and sits on the top lists for german-speaking countries like Austria and Belgium. If you're looking for a more unique name, use this as the nickname for Emerson and Emmalyn or change up the spelling to something more traditional like Hemma.


This classic German name means "lady" and sits in Germany's top 30 girl names. Similar names include the Old Norse Frida or Freya. Pronounced "Free-dah" this old fashioned baby name is perfect for modern little ladies.


Popular in the U.K. this girl-next-door name means "noble." Similar sounding names include Ida, Holly and Ivy. This classic name was made popular by the children's book character and celebrities like supermodel Heidi Klum. Parents looking for a traditional girls name that's not as common around the world will love this short, cute name.


Meaning "industrious" this cute, short name is a favorite for baby girls in Germany. Other similar, popular names include Isla and Ada. Parents looking for a strong yet feminine name that's easy to spell and pronounce like this monicker.


Pronounced "kat-uh-ree-nuh" you could also spell this pretty name Katarina. Meaning "pure" this monicker is popular in the Germany while similar names such as Catherine and Kathleen have been historically popular in the U.S. Other modern versions include Katrina, Catalina and Trina.


Also spelled Lotta and pronounced as such in either spelling, this feminine name is a top pick in Germany today. Although the name sounds girly, it actually means "masculine." This cute name lends itself well to a nickname for longer names like Charlotte or Carlotta and takes on a modern edge when spelled Lottie.


If you're inspired by the Disney princess naming craze, but aren't quite ready to name your baby Moana, consider Luana instead. Meaning "graceful warrior" this bold name is popular in Germany and embodies the current spirit of girl power.


Made famous by a German actress, this combination of Maria and Magdalene is pronounced "Mahr-LAY-ne" and means "high tower." Similar sounding names include Marlena or Eileen in the English pronunciation, but the classic Marlene is what's popular in Germany.


Originally spelled Mathilda in Old German, Matilda means "mighty in battle" and Tilda is the modern, shortened version of the name. This top name in Germany is popular for little girls thanks, in part, to the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. Call her Mattie or Tillie for a unique nickname. If sweet and strong is what you're after, this name has it all.


Popular in the U.K. this natural name means "famous." Parents looking for classic nature names with a modern twist love this spelling of the more common Robin. With a name like this your little girl is sure to shine.

The Power of a Name

Your baby's name sets the tone for your expectations as a parent and captures the spirit of your hopes and dreams for the little one. If you want your baby boy or girl to start life empowered, German names are great options.

Top German Baby Names