Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions: Guide to Ultimate Comfort

Updated December 13, 2021
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Glider rocker chair in nursery

Parents of babies and young tots know that a glider rocking chair is a helpful and treasured piece of furniture. Glider chairs soothe tired babies, provide respite for equally tired parents, and are absolute lifesavers on those long nights that inevitably roll around. If your glider rocker cushions become stained and damaged, your perfect nursery suddenly has an unwanted eyesore. Since you can't very well toss this prized possession or purchase an entirely new one every time an accident occurs, you need to know where to purchase replacement glider rocker cushions that will last. Here are several great options.

Custom Rocker Cushions to Match Baby's Nursery


If you have a specific nursery design in mind, and large retailers don't have exactly what you are looking for with regard to a glider rocker cushion pattern, you might be able to have the cushions of your dreams specially made for you.

This particular retailer creates rocker cushions as well as correlating ottoman cushions in a variety of fabric patterns. Customers know they are getting a high quality product in a style they desire.

What we like
Multiple prints to choose from
Hypoallergenic fiberfill stuffing
Revisions can be customized for non-standard chairs
What to keep in mind
Spot cleaning suggested
Low stock because they are made to order
Long shipping time

Soft Replacement Cushions With Storage

Takeya Water Bottle

When you don't have time to wait for custom-made replacement cushions, these velvet replacement cushions found on Amazon will have your rocker looking new in no time.

These cushions are made from soft, buttery material, perfect for those snuggle sessions. They come in a neutral beige, sand, dark gray and light gray, and the armrests include ample storage for books, toys, and pacifiers. These cushions usually ship quickly, so you never have to be without your favorite rocker.

What we like
Ships quickly
Neutral colors
Soft material
What to keep in mind
Spot clean or dry-clean only

Velvety Soft & Cozy Cushions in a Neutral Color

Soft Velvet Cotton Chair Cushions and Stool Pad Set

Yet again, Amazon is a great resource for replacement glider cushions. Efficiently shipped, made with quality material, and created in a soft gray color, these replacement cushions check off many sought-after boxes for parents.

Easy to Clean Replacement Cushions

Foundations SafeRocker Glider Replacement Vinyl Cushion Set

For parents who have the Foundations Saferocker glider chair brand in their nursery, replacement cushions are available. These cushions are specific to a certain brand and specific models, limiting them to owners of this type of chair.

This replacement set comes with plenty of storage, easy-to-clean material, and neutral shading.

What we like
Easy to clean vinyl material
Ample arm storage
Limited warranty
What to keep in mind
The material might not be as cushy and soft as other brands
Not universal to several rocker sets

Parenthood is a messy business, and the baby essentials that get the most use over the years also get the most stains and wear and tear. Have a plan for replacement parts so that you never have to go a day without the baby items that make your life much simpler.

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Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions: Guide to Ultimate Comfort