Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions

Glider rocker chair in nursery

Replacing your glider rocker cushions can extend the life of your rocker. It's an economical way to keep using the same rocker for each baby and to breathe new life into one that has been well-loved over the years.

Finding New Glider Rocker Cushions

New moms and dads will spend a lot of time in the glider rocker in the nursery. Having a comfortable place to sit will make this time spent together even more enjoyable. Replace the cushion in your glider rocker so you don't get frustrated each time you rock your baby to sleep or read a book together.

Check Manufacturer Websites

Start your replacement cushion search with the manufacturer of the glider. Make sure you have the glider style name so you can search for a cushion that will fit perfectly. Not all companies offer replacement cushions directly on their website, but you can contact them to find out if this is an option. Check these popular brands:

  • Stork Craft has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of affordable nursery furniture. Use the Customer Care Chat tool to find out whether you can purchase replacement cushions or fill out the online replacement form.
  • Search by model number on Graco's website for replacement cushions or contact the company for more information if you cannot find yours listed.
  • If you have a Delta rocker, fill out Delta's customer service form to find out if they offer replacement cushions.
  • Use the phone number or email listed at Kolcraft's customer service page to find out if you can get new cushions from this manufacturer.
  • Fill out the form at Dorel Asia if you need replacement cushions from this company that makes gilder rockers.
  • Dutailier features an easy cushion replacement instructional page on their website that shows you how to find your model number on your glider. Then you simply enter the number in the search bar to find the right cushions.

If you bought your glider rocker locally, don't fret. Many locally-owned businesses are able to replace cushions and other parts for your rocker.

More Places to Purchase Replacements

Many glider rocker manufacturers do not offer cushions through their own websites, but through dealer websites. If you don't want to spend the money on name brand cushions, you can always look for generic pads to fit your rocker. Just make sure you have the correct measurements before you buy. Check these websites for cushions:

  • Kmart has replacement cushions for single seat chairs and rockers that, while in the outdoor patio section, may just fit your glider rocker if you need to save money.
  • You'll find a variety of thick and thin replacement cushions for dining chairs and outdoor seats that could fit your glider at Target.
  • The Rocking Chair Company has a variety of cushions to select from that fit standard rocking chairs, which might include your rocker.
  • Check out Walmart's website for a seemingly endless selection of rocking chair, dining chair, and patio chair cushions including bottom only pieces or bottom and back sets.
  • Sears' website features chair cushion options including plain styles and those with unique designs. If there's a store near you, you might find a fraction of these styles there.
  • If you want name brand cushions that match the ones sold with your chair, shopping on Amazon is a great option for finding glider-specific cushions and sets.
  • When you are looking for hard-to-find replacement cushions, eBay is another option. You can find all kinds of replacement pieces including cushions for Shermag gliders when you search for your specific brand and model.
  • You can also custom order cushions from Etsy retailers in stylish and unique patterns made to fit the measurements of your glider.

Local upholstery stores and furniture stores may have seamstresses or tailors on hand who can make a custom cushion for your glider if you cannot find a ready-made replacement.

Replacing Glider Rocker Cushion Covers

If the cushion itself is in good shape, it may be that you need to replace just the cushion cover. Pilling and stains can give a cushion an unappealing look over the years even if the cushion is still comfortable. Look for replacement covers at bedding and home stores.

DIY Glider Replacement Cushions

If you're crafty, you can simply make your own replacement cushions.

  • Use your existing cushion as a template and add some more foam or stuffing then sew cushion covers to enclose it all.
  • Look for a standard dining chair cushion that fits your glider and hand sew two strips of ribbon or yarn to the back so you can tie it to your glider.
  • Make a no-sew pillow using fabric glue or a tying technique from old baby blankets.
  • Recover your existing ottoman or make an ottoman to go along with your new cushions and glider rocker.

Extending the Life of Your Glider Rocker

New cushions and cushion covers can take an old glider rocker and make it new again. Whether you are replacing the cushions for aesthetic reasons or you need a more comfortable place to bond with your baby, getting new cushions is an affordable way to keep your nursery a relaxing place to spend time.

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