105 Gothic Baby Names

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Gothic baby names are commonly chosen for their unusual meanings. If the gothic culture interests you, you may decide to choose a baby name with ties to the darker side of life.

Ancient Gothic Names

Many of these names are borrowed from mythology. They speak to a legacy of power, and sometimes darkness, but are all as beautiful as they are uncommon.

  • Arachne (girl) - Young woman who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider
  • Balor (boy) - One-eyed giant in Irish mythology
  • Chaos (unisex) - Originally, the state of the universe before the Greek Gods arrived
  • Chimera (girl) - A mythological beast made up of parts of different animals
  • Circe (girl) - Greek sorceress
  • Esmerée (girl) - the daughter of a Welsh king who was turned into a serpent by magicians
  • Griffin/Gryphon (boy) - Mythological beast with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle
  • Hades (boy) - Greek lord of the underworld
  • Hecate (girl) - Greek sorceress
  • Hler (boy) - Ruler of the underworld in Norse mythology
  • Isolde (girl) - tragic Irish heroine
  • Medusa (girl) - mythological Greek monster whose hair was snakes and blood was poison
  • Moon (unisex) - ancient symbol of fertility
  • Nephilim (boy) - race of half-human giants
  • Sabrina (girl) - goddess of the river Severn in Celtic mythology
"I'm due on Halloween My favorite holiday! I think Samhein Skellie is really cute for our daughter." - Reader comment from Vod Skellie

Gothic Last Names

These gothic surnames are beautiful and unique enough that they can be used as first names. The bonus is that most of these really will work for a boy or girl. Coming from various notable people from Goth culture, see if one of these might work for your little person.

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  • Addams - from the famous show The Addams Family
  • Avenal - last name of British sitcom's goth character from The IT Crowd
  • Bara - a noted femme fatale from the 1910s
  • Baudelaire - French poet famous poet from Gothic period in literature
  • Bowie - last name of musician David Bowie, noted influencer of Goth culture
  • Burton - as in Tim Burton, noted for having influenced Goth culture with his dark take on films
  • Dali - last name of famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali
  • Gorey - artist who has a goth aesthetic
  • Ladouceur - writer and poet who wrote Encylopedia Gothica
  • Lugosi - actor who portrayed Dracula in the 1930s film adaptation of the famous book
  • Mercer - last name of the author of The 21st Century Goth
  • Mortem - after fashion design Rose Mortem who is married to Goth band frontman from The Awakening
  • Nietzsche - pronounced nee-chee ; famous philosopher who influenced Goth subculture
  • Poe - famous poet noted for his dark poems
  • Stoker - last name of the writer of Dracula

Dark Sounding Names

If you're looking to evoke power with a menacing or scary-sounding baby name, these names may well fit the bill.

  • Ague (girl) - Term for Malaria
  • Akeldama (boy) - field of blood; where Judas Iscariot committed suicide
  • Dade (boy) - dark one
  • Dolores (girl) - sorrows in Spanish
  • Draven (m) - Child of the shadows
  • Leila (girl) - Arabic for night
  • Maleficent (girl) - working or productive of harm or evil
  • Mara (girl) - a maleficent female wraith in Scandinavian folklore that causes nightmares
  • Narcissa (girl) - feminine form of Narcissus
  • Salem (unisex) - location of witch hunts in Massachusetts
  • Shadow (unisex) - black
  • Shiva (boy) - God of destruction
  • Tueur (boy) - French for killer
  • Tohopka (unisex) - Native American name meaning wild beast
  • Thanatos (boy) - He who brings death, death bringer
"I can't decide between Clove, Jezabel, or Belladonna for my new little girl. I need help! What name is your favorite?" -- Reader comment from Mae

Gothic Names With Creepy Meanings

If you're looking for something to help your baby embrace his real, inner goth, try one of these names.

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  • Avarice (girl) - greed
  • Badriyah (girl) - full moon
  • Cain (boy) - Biblical character who killed his brother making him known as world's first murderer
  • Chalice (girl) - fancy cup, used to hold holy blood
  • Daemon (boy) - an evil attendant or spirit
  • Diti (girl) - Demon mother in Hinduism
  • Gehenna (girl) - New Testament version of hell
  • Grimoire (unisex) - book of incantations, making medicines, summoning spirits etc
  • Golgotha (unisex) - Hebrew for skull
  • Melancholia (girl) - a mental condition and especially a manic-depressive condition
  • Mephistopheles/Mephisto (boy) - Renaissance-era name for Satan
  • Morte (boy) - French for dead
  • Thorne (unisex) - sharp
  • Vladimir (boy) - alleged vampire
  • Wolfe (boy) - deadly beast

Creative Gothic Names

Looking to be a little outside of the box with your goth name? You can be sure no one else in your child's class will have the same name!

  • Ascelin (unisex) - of the moon
  • Aelfwif (boy) - Germanic word for elf + battle or war
  • Alaric (boy) - first king of the Visigoths; means all-powerful ruler
  • Bellatrix (girl) - although made famous by the Harry Potter novels, this name is Latin and means female warrior
  • Clove (girl) - spice
  • Draconia (girl) - dire
  • Druscilla (girl) - it sounds dark but actually means fruitful
  • Dyrk (boy) - one who admires nighttime
  • Mallory (girl) - cursed or ill-fated one
  • Perdita (girl) - lost in Spanish
  • Quillon (boy) - sword
  • Twilight (girl) - dusk
  • Vespers (unisex) - Catholic evening prayers
  • Wednesday (girl) - from The Addams Family
  • Xander (boy) - vampire hunter from the television show, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
"Lilith is an amazing name." -- Reader comment from Kenneth

Goth Names From Nature

Nature is full of beautiful, dark and scary moments. Many goth names pay homage to pagan and druid ancestry as well. Try one of these names if you're looking for something to speak to your love of true Gothic roots.

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  • Amethyst (girl) - naturally occurring purple gemstone
  • Ash (boy) - what's left after a fire
  • Belladonna (girl) - poisonous plant with purple flowers
  • Branwen (boy) - Bran is a Celtic word for crow
  • Briar (boy) - a thorn
  • Chrysanthemum (girl) - flower associated with death in Japan and some European countries
  • Foxglove (girl) - a beautiful but poisonous flower
  • Hellebore (girl) - flower that blooms through the snow in the middle of winter
  • Hemlock (unisex) - poison Socrates took to commit suicide
  • Merula (boy) - Latin for blackbird
  • Oleander (unisex) - a beautiful but poisonous plant
  • Onyx (unisex) - stone that is pitch black
  • Raven (girl) - bird often associated with death
  • Sage (unisex) - a spice
  • Willow (girl) - weeping tree; symbol of death

Baby Goth Names From Literature

These charming names come straight out of the book.

  • Annabel-Lee (girl) - tragic character from Edgar Allen Poe poem
  • Basil - from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  • Desdemona (girl) - tragic Shakespearean heroine
  • Grendel (boy) - name of the beast from Beowulf
  • Guinevere (girl) - white ghost; of Arthurian legend
  • Elsinore (girl) - Hamlet's castle
  • Eulalie (girl) - figure from Edgar Allen Poe poem
  • Hastie (unisex) - character from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Manfred (boy) - the lord in The Castle of Otranto, a gothic novel by Horace Walpole
  • Mina (girl) - female heroine in Dracula
  • Nimue (girl) - an Arthurian sorceress
  • Ophelia (girl) - tragic Shakespearean heroine
  • Tempest (unisex) - as in The Tempest by Shakespeare
  • Tristan (boy) - tragic Arthurian hero
  • Victor (boy) - man scientist who created Frankenstein

Dark and Beautiful

Most goth names combine an element of beauty with a bit of darkness. If that describes your family perfectly, a goth name might be exactly the right fit for your baby.

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