Gothic Baby Names

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Gothic Baby Names

Gothic baby names are commonly chosen for their unusual meanings. Do all goths follow the same beliefs? Of course not. They practice different religions and politics. They come from all walks of life, and they can be virtually any age. If the gothic culture interests you, however, you may decide to choose a baby name with ties to the culture.

Gothic Baby Names A Through D

Ague- term for Malaria used from the middle ages up until the 20th century

Amethyst- purple gemstone

Annabel Lee- a tragic poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Arachne- Greek mythological figure who Athena turned into a spider in a fit of jealousy

Ash- what's left behind after a fire.

Autumn- season where everything dies

Avarice- Greed. One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Balor- one-eyed giant in Irish mythology

Belinda- a moon of Uranus

Belladonna- poisonous plant with purple flowers

Branwen- Bran is a Celtic word for crow

Bronwen- white breast

Briar- a thorn

Chalice- fancy cup, used to hold holy blood

Chaos- originally, the state of the universe before the Greek Gods arrived

Chimera- a mythological beast made up of parts of different animals

Chrysanthemum- flower associated with death in Japan and some European countries

Circe- Greek sorceress

Clove- spice

Crowe- bird associated with death

Delora- H.P. Lovecraft's aunt

Demon or Daemon- an evil attendant or spirit

Desdemona- tragic Shakespearean heroine

Diti- Demon mother in Hinduism

Dolores- sorrows in Spanish

Draconia- dire

Draven-the crow

E Through J

Elsinore- Hamlet's castle

Esmerée- the daughter of a Welsh king who was turned into a serpent by magicians

Eulalie- figure in another poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Eurydice- tragic Greek heroine

Foxglove- a beautiful but poisonous flower

Freya- Norse goddess of sex and childbirth

Funereal- funeral

Gabriel- angel of death

Gehenna- New Testament version of hell

Golgotha- Hebrew for skull

Grendel- beast in Beowulf

Griffin/Gryphon- Mythological beast with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle

Grimoire- book of incantations, making medicines, summoning spirits etc

Hades- Greek lord of the underworld

Hecate- Greek sorceress

Hellebore- flower that blooms through the snow in the middle of winter

Hemlock- poison Socrates took to commit suicide

Isolde- tragic Irish heroine

Israfel- angel who blows the horn signaling Judgment Day

Jack- as in jackdaw

Jezabel- biblical adulteress

L Through R

Leila- Arabic for night

Lenore- figure in Edgar Allan Poe poetry

Lilith- legendary evil first wife of Adam

Lily- traditional funeral flower

Lolita- that book by Nabokov about the teenage seductress

Lovecraft- H.P. Lovecraft

Lucifer- fallen angel, often associated with Satan

Luna- Latin for moon

Malik- Angel who presides over Hell in the Koran

Maleficent- working or productive of harm or evil

Mara- a maleficent female wraith in Scandinavian folklore that causes nightmares

Medusa- mythological Greek monster whose hair was snakes and blood was poison

Melancholia- a mental condition and especially a manic-depressive condition

Melania/Melanie- black

Mercy- a virtue

Merula- Latin for blackbird

Mephistopheles/Mephisto- Renaissance-era names for Satan

Midnight- the witching hour/black

Moon- ancient symbol of fertility and stuff.

Morte- French for dead

Narcissa- feminine form of Narcissus

Nephilim- race of half-human giants

Nightshade- belladonna - a poisonous purple flower

Nimue- an Arthurian sorceress

Nin- establishment of peace

Nocturne- piece of music evoking night

November- winter month

October- month of Halloween

Oleander- a beautiful but poisonous flower

Ophelia- tragic Shakespearean heroine

Orchid- exotic and rare.

Perdita- Latin for lost

Raven- bird often associated with death

S Through W

Sabrina- goddess of the river Severn in Celtic mythology

Sage- a spice

Salem- location of witch hunts in Massachusetts

Samhain- Halloween

Sanctity- holiness

Shabriri- Jewish rabbinical demon of blindness

Shade- where there's no sunlight

Shadow- black

Spike- from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sullen- moody

Thorne- sharp

Titania- queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

Tristan- tragic Arthurian hero

Twilight- dusk

Vespers- Catholic evening prayers

Vladimir- alleged vampire

Willow - weeping tree; symbol of death

Winter- season of the dead

Wolfe- deadly beast

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Gothic Baby Names