Ideas for Beautiful Hispanic Baby Names

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Are you considering Hispanic baby names for your baby? Whether you are selecting a Hispanic name to honor your cultural tradition or simply love the Spanish language, there are many beautiful and strong names for girls and boys. Learn about Hispanic baby names and where to find name lists online.

About Hispanic Names for Babies

The term Hispanic refers to a person from Spain, but the term is also associated with any person who is a native Spanish speaker and/or of Spanish or Latino descent. Many baby name lists are listed as Hispanic or Latino baby names and include names from many different Spanish speaking countries.

Naming Traditions

A name is a very important in every culture because it will be the first social identification of the child to the world. Today, people choose any name they prefer no matter what their cultural background is. Yet, there are some traditional names that are often selected in the Latino culture - family names and religious names.

Naming a first born child after a father or mother is still a strong tradition in many Latino families. The son is named after his father and then provided with his own middle name. Some families choose instead to provide a child with his own first name and then give him the father's middle name.

In Latin America, a large number of families select names from the Bible or from Roman Catholic saint names as first or middle names. If a child is born on a particular saint's feast day, the child may be named after the saint. This tradition is still continued by some families in North America.

In a number of Latin American countries, families give their child a first and middle name followed by the father's surname and the mother's maiden name. For example, in the name Jorge Carlos Rios Martinez, Jorge Carlos is the first and middle name followed by the father's surname, Rios, and the mother's maiden name, Martinez. This tradition shows how important honoring a child's connection to both the paternal and maternal sides of his family is in Latino culture.

Sample List of Hispanic Baby Names

There are hundreds of possible Hispanic names for girls and boys. Here is a sample list of traditional and unusual Hispanic baby names and their meanings.

Boy Baby Hispanic Name Examples and Meanings

  • Alberto - bright
  • Alonso - noble
  • Alvarado - peacemaker
  • Caton - wise one
  • Chale - strong
  • Devante - defender of the good
  • Ernesto - sincere
  • Fernando - bold leader
  • Juan - Devout
  • Lorenzo - bold
  • Luis - outspoken
  • Pedro - rock
  • Ramiro - wise judge
  • Vittorio - victorious conqueror

Girl Baby Hispanic Name Examples

  • Aldonza - sweet
  • Belita - Beautiful one
  • Drina - defender
  • Elisa - dedicated to God
  • Juanita - God is gracious
  • Latoya - Victorious
  • Marcaria - blessed
  • Margarita - pure
  • Novia - sweetheart
  • Ofelia - helper
  • Pilar - pilar of strength
  • Solona - sunny
  • Vidella - life
  • Ynez - pure

Online Resources for Hispanic Name Lists

The Internet has a large selection of resources for Hispanic names for babies. Many of these sites provide a list of names and their meanings to help you better select the right name.

The following websites have Hispanic baby name lists:

  • Baby Name Network: The Baby Name Network has a long list of Hispanic names and their meanings. The list includes both traditional and unusual names.
  • Baby Name Guide: The Baby Name Guide provides a detailed list of Hispanic names, their meanings and the name origins.
  • Hip Chick Pregnancy Guide: The Hip Chick Pregnancy Guide's list contains some unusual Hispanic names and their meanings.
  • Cute Baby Names: Cute Baby Names has a list of unique Hispanic names for babies.

Choosing a Hispanic Name for Your Baby

If you decide to choose a Hispanic name for your child, you can easily find one to suit your new baby. Choosing a name is a special task because it will be a part of your child forever. With a Hispanic name, you may want to also consider its pronunciation and if it matters to you whether it is a difficult name for non-Spanish speakers to pronounce. Take some time to carefully consider the name, its meaning and how it sounds with the baby's surname. You want to pick a name that your child will always be proud of.

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Ideas for Beautiful Hispanic Baby Names