Options for Infant One-Piece Coats

Infant wearing a one-piece snowsuit
A hat in addition to the hood works well.

When cold weather hits, you want to make sure that your baby is warm, and what better way to ensure his comfort than infant coats one piece? A one piece coat will cover him well and protect him from those chilly outings.

What is a One Piece Coat?

Made from one piece of material, the coat covers the baby's arms and legs and usually has a hood to place over his head and ears. The coat is fastened by snaps, buttons and/or zippers. The beauty of a one piece is that it is easy to put on and take off. The idea is to keep baby snuggly and warm against the elements in this insulated bodysuit. Sometimes these coats are referred to as snowsuits because they are waterproof and therefore, perfect for those snowy days. An older term is a bunting suit, and some stores still use this word in their catalogs.


You will want the coat to be larger than the size of clothing your baby currently wears. The coat will have to be big enough to fit over a layer or two of clothes. While you don't want your baby to disappear inside the coat, you do want it large enough so that he will not be squeezed. You want him to have freedom to move and be comfortable.

Purchasing Infant Coats One Piece

Check with your favorite baby products store to see if it has a coat for your infant. The following stores sell infant coats one piece. Winter Kids is where you can get an Obermeyer Nollie Suit for just under $140. This suit has the following features:

  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • Many pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs allow the suit to grow with the child
  • Machine washable
  • Has a removable hood
  • Kneepads and the seat are made of durable reinforced material

Sears has a coat called a pram suit for your little girl. This one piece is under $30 and includes:

  • A zipper all the way up the front
  • Made of pink faux-fur which is 100 percent polyester
  • Attached hand-covers
  • Machine washable
  • Available in sizes six to nine months

If you think that some of the coats on the market are too bulky, consider the offerings from Columbia Kids. Their coats allow for the movement a fleece coat offers, but it are also waterproof - great protection for those days in the snow. You can find snowsuits and other one piece coats in all colors and sizes for your infant.

A Winter Hat

One disadvantage of one piece coats for infants is that the hood that comes with the coats is often not a tight-fit. To solve this problem, simply cover your child's head with a hat or woolen cap when he goes outdoors.

Inexpensive Coats

You may want to check e-Bay to see if the coat you are looking for is available at a discounted price.

Kohl's has a nice selection of coats, often at sale prices. You can save even more with their frequent coupons for cardholders.

Consignment Shops

Don't overlook consignment stores in your area for purchasing infant coats. Often you can find a gently-used one piece coat for half the cost of a brand-new coat. Keep your eyes open. Also, friends may be willing to let you use or have a coat that their child no longer needs or has outgrown.

One Piece Jackets

If you live in a climate that is not particularly cold in the winter, you may want an alternative to a heavy one piece coat. Lighter jackets or mid-weight jackets also come in one piece and are ideal for infants. These jackets zip and include hoods, mittens, and booties to cover your child.

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Options for Infant One-Piece Coats