Great Places to Find Infant Formula Coupons

An infant drinking a bottle of formula

Feeding your baby can get expensive quickly, so use infant formula coupons to help cut costs while providing the best nutrition for your little one.

Choosing Formula

Though breastmilk is best for infants under 12 months, formula provides an alternative for women who cannot or choose not to breastfeed. Whether you use formula exclusively, as a supplement or even as an alternative to breastfeeding in public, there is no denying that costs will add up quickly.

The kind of formula you choose depends on the needs of your baby and your budget. Some babies, like preemies or those with allergies, will need special infant formula. Your pediatrician may recommend that you get a formula with certain additives or nutrients. Formula is regulated by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which provides safety tips, advice and guidelines for formula feeding in the documents FDA 101: Infant Formula and Infant Formula Frequently Asked Questions.

Coupons for a number of companies will help save money as you search for the right brand and recipe. Once you have settled on a formula that works with your child, stick with it to avoid upsetting baby's digestive system.

Finding Infant Formula Coupons

With all the other things you have to do as a new parent, hunting for coupons can sound like a waste of time. But you can reap considerable savings with just a few clicks of the mouse; do the more time consuming tips when you get settled into a routine with the new baby.

Formula Clubs

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get coupons is to sign up for a formula club. These clubs are free, provided you fill in all of your information and maybe answer a few quick questions. In return, you will get email newsletters that often have coupons right in the email itself or links that take you to a special deal. Clubs may also send sample/coupon packets through the postal mail after your baby is born.

Enfamil, Similac and Nestle Good Start all have formula clubs.

Doctor/Hospital Packets

Your doctor will help you choose the right formula for your baby. Ask him/her for any new parent packets they have received from formula companies, which often contain samples and coupons. Many hospitals give new moms a free gift before they leave-often one that includes coupons, samples and more.

Handing out infant formula coupons in maternity wards and doctors offices is not always standard policy, especially in cases where mothers choose to breastfeed. In fact, the American Academy of Family Physicians discourages this practice. You may need to specifically ask the doctor or nurses before they will give you a packet containing formula coupons/samples.

Media Advertisements

Coupons sometimes come to you without you needing to lift a finger. Scour your pregnancy, baby and parenting magazines to see if a coupon is included in an advertisement. Flyers in major newspapers might occasionally contain a coupon, especially if a new version of formula is being promoted. You might also get a few coupons by signing up for other companies' baby clubs who have partnered with the formula manufacturer.

Be wary of suspicious Internet advertisements or spam emails that you did not sign up to receive. They may want you to join other clubs for a fee or use services in order to get the coupons/free formula, or be phishing for your personal information.

Coupon Swaps

Joining a moms club provides you with plenty of other women who will need coupons or be receiving coupons they no longer need. Have a "coupon swap" once a month where you exchange unwanted coupons for ones you will use. You can limit it to formula or include other baby care items, too.

Members of clubs like Freecycle may also find they can swap coupons within their groups.

Coupon Trains

Coupon trains are similar to swaps, except they are done through the mail. Usually organized through online mommy groups, they provide an excellent way to exchange coupons. One person starts off by saving all the coupons she receives, and then mails it to the next person on the list. That person takes out any expired coupons and any coupons she may want, adding in all the coupons she has saved. The train usually has a one to two week rotation for mailing them out and can be for any/all coupons, kids/baby only or even formula/feeding coupons only.

Coupon Blogs and Websites

A number of websites and bloggers are dedicated to finding the best deals for you and your new baby. They often provide links to printable coupons, information about coupons in printed circulars or provide coupon codes for purchasing formula online. Not to mention, finding out about special sales and other deals makes it worth your while to visit.

Check the parenting, kids/baby or family section of general money saving sites for formula coupons. You can also follow blogs and sites that cater specifically to moms and babies like Freebies4Mom.

Stretching Dollars with Coupons

Using coupons for feeding baby formula will help save you money. Make your dollar go even further by following these tips:

  • Watch weekend flyers for sales on formula. Check expiration dates and stock up using your coupons.
  • Check the clearance aisle for drastically reduced cans of infant formula that are unadvertised. The slashed prices may be due to new packaging or close expiration. Inspect the cans closely and then purchase them with help from your coupons. Just be sure to use them before they expire.
  • Compare prices of your baby's formula at different stops on your shopping route. Drugstores, grocery stores, discount stores and bulk stores all stock different sizes at various prices. Figure out which store has the best price per bottle feeding and use your coupon there.

Infant formula coupons are a good way to help cut costs when it comes to feeding your baby. Sign up for clubs that send coupons in mere seconds and follow up with other coupon search options when you have the extra time.

Great Places to Find Infant Formula Coupons