How to Choose a Baby's Special Occasion Outfit: Adorable Options

Baby boy wearing special occasion clothing
There are lots of cute baby clothes.

When attending an event where you can show off your baby, you want to find the most beautiful infant special occasion clothing in existence. Luckily, there are many retailers who offer cute clothing.

Infant Special Occasion Clothing

If you are wondering what to put your infant in for a special occasion, the answer is whatever he or she will look cute in!

A baby can get away with going to church in a cute Christmas sleeper. However, it is always fun to spend time looking for the perfect outfit, including headbands and shoes. Special occasions are a great time to show off your new baby.

Girls are often easier to shop for than boys. Little baby skirts and frills will make any parent smile. You will find cute baby girl clothing everywhere you look.

For boys, you often have to look a little harder. However, don't give up! There are many adorable outfits ranging from baby tuxes to cute sweater and dress pant sets. One piece outfits for summer can also be perfect.

Special Occassions

There are many different occassions where you will need a special outfit.

Baptism or Bris

One very special occasion you may be getting baby ready for is his baptism or bris. There are many outfits that are designed for this date. Often baby is dressed in a special white gown.

Shops like Christening Shop and One Small Child specialize in Christening gowns and Bris outfits.


If you are going to be in a wedding, or your baby is going to be a flower girl or ring bearer, have fun finding the perfect outfit.

Many companies focus on young dresses, like So Sweet Boutique. Designers like Dress Forms custom make outfits based on your requirements.

If you are in the wedding, have someone make your baby a little suit or dress using the same material, colors, or ribbons you are wearing.

Other Special Occassions

There are other great occasions that offer you an opportunity to dress your new baby up, including:

  • Halloween
  • Church
  • Easter
  • Christmas

Allow yourself creativity when buying an outfit your baby will only wear once.

Shopping with a Budget

If you are shopping within a budget, do not panic. Many stores offer adorable clothing choices that won't break the bank. However, you need to shop at the right time for the best selection.

Often clothing will go on sale as it comes closer to the holiday. If you can wait for a slimmer selection, shop a week or two before the event. You may also be able to take advantage of last year's close-outs.

The Big Box Stores

More stores like Walmart and Target are offering cute selections, especially for girls. The outfits often go onto the floor a month or two before the holiday, so check often if you want to make sure you get your size. If for some reason the style or size you have is out of stock, don't hesitate to ask them to call around to other local stores to see if any of them have what you want.

Borrowing Beautiful

Since babies grow so quickly, you can often find used infant special occasion clothing in perfect shape from friends and relatives. Think about who you know who dresses their children beautifully. Pick up the phone and ask them if you can borrow their clothes. Most moms will keep a few of her favorite outfits as a keepsake, or in case another child comes along.

If you can't find an outfit to borrow, try consignment shops.

The Sky's the Limit

Baby girl wearing special occasion clothing

If money is no object, your choices are unlimited. Places like Saks Fifth Avenue or baby boutiques in New York City or Chicago will offer baby clothes costing from $50 to $500 or more.

Custom Made Outfits

If you cannot find what you are looking for, have something made from scratch. Many designers can create an outfit from a picture or pattern. Be prepared to pay more for a custom made outfit, no matter what the size.

Where to Find Cute Clothes

Here are some places where you can find cute infant special occasion clothing:

No matter what the occasion is, or your budget, you can have fun dressing your baby for special occasions.

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How to Choose a Baby's Special Occasion Outfit: Adorable Options