How to Choose the Right Baby Tights for Your Little One

Baby girl wearing tights

Buying infant tights is just one of the many purchases you'll make for your baby this winter.

Clothing Essentials

If you are or soon will be the parent of an infant, you've probably already realized how much stuff your baby needs! Stocking the nursery may cost a small fortune, but hopefully friends and family will come to the rescue and shower you with lots of baby gifts. Baby essentials can run the gamut from a convertible car seat to infant tights and everything in between.

Infants grow into toddlers quickly. Your baby may not get a lot of wear out of her clothing, but the following items could be considered essentials:

  • Gowns: Look for gowns that have elastic. These are great to dress baby in at night for easy diaper changes.
  • Pajamas: Footed pajamas will ensure your baby stays covered at night. Pajamas come in a variety of styles, including one and two-piece.
  • Onesies: Short-sleeved and long-sleeved onesies are certainly essentials! You'll need several of these on hand.
  • Tops and bottoms: Whether it's velour jogging suits or cute denim pants and sweaters, you'll want to stock up on lots of tops and bottoms. Your baby may go through several sets of clothes each day during those first few weeks after her birth.
  • Sweater or jacket: Keep your little one warm with a sweater or jacket.
  • Socks: Keep baby's toes nice and toasty with some warm socks. Look for socks that fit snuggly but won't cut off baby's circulation.
  • Shoes: These really aren't essentials because infants really don't need shoes, but there certainly are some cute styles out there!
  • Infant tights: Do you love putting those frilly dresses on your baby girl? If so, you'll want to keep her nice and warm with some tights as well.

Choosing Tights for an Infant

Infant tights come in a variety of colors and materials. While socks or even bare legs are perfectly fine in the summer months, you'll want to keep your little girl's legs warm in the winter. This doesn't mean you have to always dress her in pants, however. You can simply purchase a good supply of infant tights to match her dresses. Keep the following points in mind when you shop:

  • Size: Choose tights that will allow for growth. You don't want to purchase tights that are too constricting. Look at the construction of the tights, too. Sometimes the seam in the toe can be irritating to baby's tender skin.
  • Material choices: Consider the material before you buy as well. There are some wool-blend tights that are certainly warm, but if your child's skin shows any irritation, remove the tights as soon as possible. Look for breathable material and reinforced stitching when possible. Remember, the thinner the material, the more tights will be prone to runs. Consider the climate of your state, and purchase tights that are thicker for colder areas of the country.
  • Color selections: Baby tights come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match with your child's outfits. Be sure you have a couple of pairs of white tights, though, that will go with anything.

Where to Buy

Because infants simply don't wear out their clothing, it is possible to buy used tights in good condition. Check out resale stores, consignment sales, garage and yard sales, and even online auction sites, such as eBay for bargains. You may be able to buy in bulk. You can sometimes find tights at end of season clearance sales in your local department stores as well. Check out the following sites for more infant tight selections:

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How to Choose the Right Baby Tights for Your Little One