Jokes About Potty Training to Get You Through This Time

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Child rearing wouldn't be complete without jokes about potty training. Potty training humor is intended to lighten the mood regarding one of the most stressful parenting tasks in existence. Since potty training can often stretch a parent's patience to its limit, sometimes a solid potty training joke can be a small comfort amidst the mess and the tears.

The Trouble with Jokes About Potty Training

The real trouble with jokes about potty training is that there are relatively few available on the Web. Why are there so few jokes about potty training? One might surmise that parents engaged in the rigorous task of potty training have lost their sense of humor all together, so there isn't a wide market for potty training jokes. This isn't truly the case because if you take a glance into the world of potty training forums, you will see that many parents have posted their potty training testimonials from successes to abysmal failures. These personal anecdotes are often humorous without any additional effort. Children are funny. Potty training is intense. The combination between a child's will and a parent's predilection to maintain control often swings between the concepts of "tragic" and "hilarious".

Potty Training Anecdotes

If potty training were easy there would be no need for any parents to apply humor to the situation. The process would be as unceremonious as buttoning a cardigan. However, since children are recalcitrant, the world of commercial goods has invented a slew of products designed to streamline the potty-process, and some of these products are a joke in and of themselves.

You can take a look at one mother's account of her experience with everything from musical potty chairs to stubborn three-year-olds. Sure, this tale isn't condensed into a fun limerick or a two-line joke, but it contains enough commiseration to comfort most stressed out parents.

Typing keywords like "potty training failures" into a search engine may yield highly humorous results. When a parent succeeds quickly at potty training her toddler, there isn't much to laugh about. Any advice is usually either helpful or sadly inapplicable, but the potty training failures give parents stories for years to come. What mother doesn't like to have a good chuckle over the fabled two year old who preferred to urinate in a flower bed, but couldn't grasp the concept of his Baby Bjorn potty.

It never hurts to take a glance at humorous forum threads such as those found at You may discover that some of your potty training experiences are not unique. However, you may also learn that there are terrible things that can occur during potty training, atrocities you never thought possible. There is no telling what a toddler can accomplish once he is freed from his diaper.

Logging Your Own Experiences

The purpose of potty training jokes and forums is to encourage parents during this difficult feat. Many parents have complained that the potty training period was truly the most difficult portion of early parenting, so forwarding a few funny stories to your fellow parent friends is a good way to spread love and humor throughout your community. These anecdotes remind parents that they are not alone during this overwhelming task, and thankfully, many parents have logged their experiences in blogs and forums that are easily accessible to the public. Hence, a parent should never feel too shy to go online and post her own humorous account of a potty training experience. Even the appalling failures may be helpful to someone.

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Jokes About Potty Training to Get You Through This Time