Tips for Making Baby Shower Cookie Favors


Making baby shower cookie favors is a great way to give guests a homemade treat that feels personal rather than mass produced. Any mom-to-be will surely appreciate them and the effort put forth, and you'll have a lot of fun creating them at the same time. Below are some ideas for these favors, from the simple to elaborate. So preheat your oven and get ready to be creative!

Making Baby Shower Cookie Favors From Scratch

If you are going to create your cookie favors from the most basic of ingredients, then it is best to start with a tried and true cookie recipe. Start with something really simple, such as just a basic sugar cookie, or find out the mom-to-be's favorite flavor of cookie. From chocolate cookies to peanut butter, there is a base recipe for almost any cookie imaginable. Find out what flavor will best fit with your theme, and you are ready to get started.

Fitting a Theme

Perhaps your baby shower has a specific theme, and you would like to make cookies to match that. There are a lot of great ideas available. For example, if your shower theme is "looking toward the future", you could serve up some colorful fortune cookie favors. Use food coloring to shade the cookie dough into colors that match the décor of the shower before baking, and add fun fortunes on strips of paper that "foresee" the future of the upcoming arrival. A moon and star themed shower can yield vibrant yellow celestial shaped cookies, and a teddy bear themed shower can easily be accompanied by cut out cookies.

Gender Specific

If you are making baby shower cookie favors and know the gender of the baby, you can have a lot of fun with pink or blue options. From storks carrying color-appropriate sacks, to building block cookies decorated with the family's initials in blue or pink, the sky's the limit with gender-specific ideas. If you know the baby's name that will be given, you can add those to simple round or square cookies for a completely personalized look.

Whimsical Shapes

Think of all the objects associated with a new baby. These may include ducks, pacifiers, carriages, pajamas, booties, bottles, etc. Search the Internet for unique cookies cutters that can make these specific shapes, or ask a talented friend or family member to help you make templates for them. Decorate them with frosting and pearlized sprinkles for a collection of favors that are both cute and classy.

Arts & Crafts Time

Not up to making a couple of dozen cookies yourself? Many baby showers involve games for the guests, so why not incorporate cookie decorating? Bake some simple-shaped cookies beforehand and leave them blank. Provide guests with various decorating tools and supplies, and ask each individual to make a cookie for the mom-to-be. Some will be extremely creative, while others will make for a good laugh and start great conversations. Party guests will love the change of pace from other showers they've been to, and everyone gets a chance to contribute something special yet inexpensive.

When All Else Fails

Perhaps you were making baby shower cookie favors and disaster struck. You burned your batch or the designs look so poor in comparison to what you were hoping for. If you're crunched for time and have your heart set on cookies, don't despair quite yet. There are some websites featuring professional baby shower cookies you can easily order and have shipped in no time flat. is one such site, as they have an incredibly imaginative assortment of cookies to choose from. ABC Favors sells miniature bags of cookie mix so guests can go home and create their own. These come baby girl and boy themed, as well as gender neutral for those parents who are waiting to be surprised.

Freshly baked cookies are a lot of fun no matter where they come from, so consider them as an option for the next baby shower you throw.

Tips for Making Baby Shower Cookie Favors