Ideas for Monkey Baby Shower Decorations

monkey decorations

Monkey baby shower decorations are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to a fun celebration.

Baby Shower Fun

Baby showers are filled with laughter and lots of excitement about the arrival of the new baby. Celebrations typically include games, food, and gifts, but lots of thought is often put into the decorating theme as well.

Who chooses the theme? In many cases, the hostesses meet to plan the baby shower, picking everything from the location to the food. Once a theme is chosen, decorations are typically purchased to echo the theme, including invitations, favors, and centerpieces. Traditional themes often focus on specific gender related items, like butterflies and bows, trains and planes, etc. Today, decorations often include whimsical themes that are sometimes chosen based on the new baby's nursery theme. Such is the case with monkey baby shower decorations.

Monkey Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Monkey baby shower decorations can include a wide selection of colors and designs, but the following ideas will get you started. Be prepared for lots of happy comments on the decorating scheme during the party. Monkeys just seem to make everyone smile!


It's easy to incorporate a monkey theme using a jungle design. The following suggestions are easy to do and create a fun look for the shower location.

  • Plants-For a jungle look, you need lots of tall plants. Use real ones if possible, but artificial will work in a pinch.
  • Cutouts-Create the illusion of a jungle by painting plant scenes on butcher block paper and cutting them out to hang on the walls. Place poster board on the backs of the cutouts for more stability. You may be able to find cutouts at party supply stores as well.
  • Vines-String artificial vines down the center of the tables, across doorways and from light fixtures.
  • Terra cotta pots-Create individual plants out of small terra cotta pots that are painted and stenciled with jungle designs. Add small stuffed or plastic monkeys to the pots.
  • Monkeys-You can't have a monkey theme without monkeys! Visit your local dollar store and search for inexpensive stuffed monkeys to attach to plants and vines in the room.
  • Bananas-Add real or artificial bananas to the decorations in the room. Attach them to the "trees," either the cut-out ones or the real plants, fill bowls with bananas, hang bananas from green streamers around the room, etc.
  • Raffia-Using raffia is an inexpensive and fun way to decorate. Create "grass skirts" out of raffia for each of the tables and/or chairs.

Other Ideas

You can continue the monkey baby shower decorations into other areas of the shower as well.


  • Chocolate fountain-Include a chocolate fountain as part of the menu, and offer a variety of fruits for dipping, including bananas.
  • Smoothies-Offer tropical drinks like smoothies, which are delicious.
  • Treats-Search for monkey-shaped candies and cookies to use as party favors, including small chocolates, animal crackers, and lollipops.
  • Banana splits-Create a do-it-yourself ice cream bar with all the fixings for creating banana splits.


Create invitations that feature a monkey. You can make these yourself using any card-making program and clip art. You can also custom order invitations from your local printer and stationer's or order online.

Other Resources

The following sites feature some great monkey themed ideas for baby showers as well.

  • Monkey Diaper Cake-This eye-catching monkey diaper cake will certainly be the talk of the shower, and it makes an adorable centerpiece as well.
  • Paper Crave-Check out the pictures and ideas for this mod monkey-themed baby shower, including signs, napkin rings, favors, goody bags, and more.
  • Oriental Trading-You can always find lots of cute and inexpensive decorations at Oriental Trading.

If you have any other ideas you'd like to share, please do so in the comments section of this article.

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Ideas for Monkey Baby Shower Decorations