Where to Buy Newborn Baby Clothes

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Although your newborn baby won't wear newborn sizes for long, she will need a few things to keep her dressed during those first few weeks. Start with stocking her layette so you have the basics, and then you can add fun pieces. Fortunately, there are a variety of stores, so you will find something to fit both your tastes and your budget.

Purchasing Newborn Clothing

There are plenty of stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, that carry wide selections of newborn clothes. Keep your budget firmly in mind since babies always come with more expenses than you planned for. Some places to consider shopping at include:

  • Gymboree: This store carries top-of-the-line clothing that sometimes comes with a higher price tag, too. But, they often have great sales and feature seasonal items in their clearance section. Gymboree purchases can be made online or at one of their 630 stores in North America.
  • Kids' Consignment Sales: This nifty 'consignment store' lists resale events across the country. Usually occurring once or twice a year, sellers list their price for their gently used clothing, toys, and baby equipment. When you find one in your area, make sure you get there early since the bargains go fast.
  • Children's Place: Located in malls and shopping centers nationwide, the Children's Place also lets you make your purchases online with a flat shipping rate of $5 for orders over $75. Signing up for their email updates before you order should help you save with a digital coupon.
  • Mud Pie: This chic store carries cute, on-trend clothing for the newest member of your family. They can personalize your choices and are a great option when you want to go beyond your basic layette. Choose newborn sizes after you choose the clothing piece you'd like.
  • Pink and Blue: Offers eco-friendly, pesticide-free newborn baby clothes that are made from Peruvian Pima Cotton. The site carries diaper covers, rompers, and cotton dresses among other clothing options.

Finding Preemie Clothes

Naturally, if your baby is born early, she's tinier than the average newborn. That makes it a bit more challenging to find clothes that fit well. Many baby supply stores sell preemie clothing so your baby will have something to wear that she is not swimming in. Check out the following places for your preemie clothing needs.

  • Nurture Place has a wide selection of preemie clothing for boys and girls, including sleepers, pants, hats and pant/shirt sets. Narrow your choices by selecting a size from one pound up to 23 lbs.
  • For micro-preemie and preemie clothing, look no further than the Preemie Store. The clothes are stylish and cute and many are perfect for babies who haven't left the hospital yet and have special openings for PICC lines. The stores sells clothes in sizes that fit from one to twelve pounds.
  • For everything preemie, check out Perfectly Preemie. You'll find pajamas, seasonal items, gender specific sets and play suits in sizes ranging from one pound to eight pounds. You can also search by size, brand, style, or item.

Layette Items

A layette is your infant's first set of newborn clothing. These are generally considered the 'bare necessities' of a newborn's wardrobe. As you prepare for your baby's birth, you may want to stock the nursery with some of the following:

  • Six to eight nightgowns
  • Four or five footed pajama outfits
  • Five or six receiving blankets
  • Six to eight pairs of socks or booties
  • Six to eight onesie t-shirts
  • Two or three sleep sacks
  • Two or three sweaters or jackets
  • Eight to ten outfits
  • Three or four blankets
  • One or two portable changing pads

Although it seems like a lot, babies do tend to go through multiple outfits in a day.

Clothing Guidelines

Newborn clothes can be hard to choose from, but there are some basic tips you can follow to make your shopping easier.

  • Clothing sizes differ from one manufacturer to another, so pay attention to how large the clothing appears to be rather than the size on the tag.
  • Unless you know your baby will be born early or you have a history of having small babies, don't buy many newborn sized items of clothing. Since many newborns outgrow their clothing at a rapid pace, you may find that your baby doesn't even wear everything she has.
  • Look for flame-retardant clothing, especially sleepwear. This should be clearly displayed on the label.
  • Pay attention to how the clothing is made. You want clothing that is adorable, but comfort should be your number one concern. Don't buy clothing articles that have a very small neck opening or tight elastic at the arms and legs.
  • Pay attention to the crotch of any newborn baby clothes. How does it fasten? Remember, you'll be changing lots of diapers and snaps are much easier than buttons. Also, test the snaps to make sure they fasten properly and easily.
  • Take a look at the clothing care label. Does it say hand wash? If so, you probably don't want it. If you just have to have that delicate piece of clothing, be sure you follow the care instructions exactly to preserve it as a family heirloom.
  • Look for comfort in socks and booties. When you purchase newborn baby socks, consider pairs that fit comfortably without constricting baby's little legs.
  • Don't focus too much on shoes since these will be for appearances only. It's actually best if your baby doesn't wear shoes very often to allow for the natural formation of her arch.

Making Shopping Fun and Easy

Remember, your baby will only wear his clothes for a few short months, so there's no need to go crazy. It can be difficult to pass up the many adorable choices, so it's a good idea to scope out all your options and then buy only your favorites. This way, you can thoroughly enjoy shopping for your baby's wardrobe, without having so much that he'll never be able to wear it all. Keep in mind that you'll probably get lots of clothes at your baby shower, so don't be afraid to register for outfits, which can help save you some money. Now, you just need to decide what your baby will wear first.

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Where to Buy Newborn Baby Clothes