Inspiring Newborn Nursery Photos

Nursery Inspiration

Expectant parents have much to do to prepare for their baby's arrival. Decorating a nursery is a fun project that will reflect your unique personalities and décor choices. While some parents know the baby's gender beforehand and go all out with a theme, others prefer a more neutral color scheme and design that can accommodate either gender and grow with their child.

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Cow Over the Moon

Familiar nursery rhymes are a tradition that you can carry on with your baby, such as with this "Cow Over the Moon" nursery designed by Shanna Shryne Design. Simple, modern pieces of furniture, window treatments, pillows and bedding compliment the bold, fun mural featuring the ever famous cow jumping over the moon.

If you don't have an artistic flair to create a mural like this, there are many wall decal stickers that you can use instead.

Attic Nursery

If you're tight on space, you can create a nursery by reconstructing a room such as a large walk-in closet, office nook or attic space as seen here.

Use the unique architectural elements, like exposed wood beams and bookshelves, to add character. The white walls and ceiling give the illusion of space while sprinkles of bright color here-and-there, along with toys and children's furniture, personalize the space.

Nautical Theme Nursery

A nautical theme is a fun idea and can easily be used in your baby's room as he grows up. What makes this modern room work is the use of a white floor, walls, and furniture with touches of nautical blue throughout the space.

Stripes and simple zigzag patterns on the pillows, bedding and wall is a clever way of imitating water. A few nautical type accessories on the walls, such as an anchor, stuffed fish and life saver add a soft, personal touch.

Lady Bug Nursery

This ladybug nursery is a sweet idea for a little girl. The use of color complements, red and green, works well and makes the room stand out.

However, the beauty of this idea is that the green walls are neutral. So if a boy is in your future, remove the lady bugs and add a row of cars, trains or elephants and replace the rug with another color, such as a deep turquoise or bright cobalt blue.

Animal Theme Nursery

You can choose to use a specific animal, such as an elephant or bears, or a combination of animals for this theme. Because this is a popular nursery theme, you'll find many illustrations, framed photos, and wall art featuring animals along with mobiles, stuffed animal toys and bedding to match.

It's also interchangeable for a boy, girl or both; change the color of the walls to a unisex color like yellow or green, or to a girly color like pink or purple - and you'll have completely transformed the nursery space.

Adventure Baby Nursery

This adventurous room has silhouette mountains, which you can create with black duct tape and a fun zigzag pattern teepee tent. Its black and white color scheme creates a neutral palate, which you can use for either a boy or a girl. With a few furniture changes, this room will also grow with your child.

Peter Rabbit Nursery
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A favorite children's story, such as Peter Rabbit, is a fun idea for a nursery. This nursery was designed by Montalbano Design Group, Inc., which uses a colorful, patchwork carpet to tie it all together along with neutral, rich brown walls. While all the pieces in this room were custom made for the client, you can find bedding and other nursery accessories with this theme at Etsy to complete a similar look.

Other ideas for a nursery regarding children books or stories include classic Winnie the Pooh and Dr. Seuss designs.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
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A lullaby theme is perfect for a nursery, particularly when it's time for bed. This Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star nursery wall's midnight blue creates a nice backdrop for the gold star wall decals. Another idea is to either paint or add another wall decal that says, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... Do You Know How Loved You Are?"

Another lullaby or song theme idea is the lullaby in Dumbo movie, Wish Upon a Star.

Perfect Nursery

Remember to incorporate all design elements in your room. For example, this pretty pink nursery where the pink décor extends beyond crib bedding. It's also found in the comfortable chair and ottoman set, as well as in the drapes. A pink, green and yellow stripe pattern adorns the top curtains as well as the crib skirt.

These are but a few themes and ideas for your baby's nursery. Take a look at Baby Girl Themes and Baby Boy Nursery Ideas for more inspiring newborn nursery photos.

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Inspiring Newborn Nursery Photos