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Hosting an Online Baby Shower Everyone Can Attend

Susie McGee
online showers

If someone told you she participated in an online baby shower, you'd probably laugh. After all, how can you participte in baby shower activities over a computer? In the past, baby shower attendees were typically family and friends who lived in the same area as the pregnant mom. Sometimes, out-of-town friends and family were able to come for a long weekend visit to attend the shower. Often however, faraway friends and relatives weren't able to participate in this joyous occasion. Today, with the help of the Internet, loved ones can participate in a baby shower no matter where they live! Online baby showers are becoming more and more popular, and they really are quite simple to do.

Who Should Be My Hostess?

Basically, your hostess can be a friend or relative that either lives somewhere else, in your hometown, or in the hometown that has the majority of your family and friends. If your family and friends are scattered all over the country, then your hostess can really live anywhere, too. It might be easier for you and your hostess, however, if she lives in the same town as you. If most of your family and friends are located in one area, then it makes sense that your hostess is from that area also.

What Are the Duties of the Online Hostess?

The hostess will still have the same basic duties as one who is hosting a typical baby shower. She'll need to plan the time, place, and decorations. She'll need to pick out the cake, if there is going to be one, and she'll need to be familiar with the stores that carry your particular baby gift selections. She'll also be responsible for sending out invitations. She should also decide how she wants to handle the online shower. Does she want to use a web service, or can she create her own website for the shower? Is she familiar with emailing pictures to others? If not, she may want to seek the help of an online baby shower web host.

What Types of Baby Showers Are Available Online?

There are several different ways to host an online baby shower. You and your hostess will need to talk about what will be the easiest and most applicable shower for your particular situation.

Cross Country Showers

If your friends and relatives are scattered all over the country, your hostess will be the headquarters for gift exchanges, messages, etc. She can send out the invitations giving a deadline for mailing gifts. The invitations should give the address of where the gifts should be mailed. If the hostess lives in the same town as you do, she could receive the gifts and take them to your home at a previously chosen day.

On the day that the gifts will be opened, each shower member could log-on to the computer and enter a chat room or instant message each other as each gift is open. If you have a web cam, you can actually be videoed as you open the presents. If not, the hostess can take pictures and post them on the web site or e-mail them to each friend or family member.

Hometown Online Baby Shower

If you are the one who moved away, leaving most of your friends and family in your hometown, the hostess can actually invite everyone to a shower at her house. A web cam would be great, but the hostess could also videotape the shower and mail it to you. Be sure you are logged on to the computer, and the computer should also be logged on at the hostess's house. The hostess can e-mail pictures of the shower to you. Later, the gifts can be mailed to your house. Shower attendees should place personal notes with their gifts, too.

Be Creative

While an online baby shower will take some special planning, it can be lots of fun and successful, too. Don't be afraid to be creative! Get everyone involved in the planning. Just because you live far away doesn't mean you should miss out on the joy of a baby shower!

Hosting an Online Baby Shower Everyone Can Attend