Crucial Tips for Potty Training in One Week

Susie McGee
You can potty train your child in one week!

Potty training in one week can be achieved if you choose the correct time to begin potty training. Pay attention to the signs of readiness from your toddler, remain consistent, and praise your child's success. Soon, your child will be potty trained, and you'll both be grinning from ear to ear!

Signs of Readiness

Many of the problems that occur with potty training happen because a child simply isn't ready to use the potty. Before you attempt potty training in one week, be sure your child shows at least some signs that he is ready to begin. While your child may not exhibit all of the following signs, you should notice at least one or two of them before training begins.

  • Does your child show interest in the potty?
  • Does he stay dry at least a couple of hours at a time?
  • Does he occasionally stay dry all night?
  • Does he ask questions or want to go into the bathroom with you?
  • Does he notice other children who use the potty?
  • Does he feel discomfort when he is wet or soiled?

Before You Begin

Before you begin the process of potty training in one week, decide whether you want to use a potty or stick to the commode. Once you've made this decision, purchase some Pull Ups or training pants.

Portable Potty Pros

  • Potties are smaller and less intimidating.
  • Potties are portable and can be taken along in the car, etc.
  • Your child can seat himself on the potty.
  • Your child may enjoy having his own potty.

Portable Potty Cons

  • Potties are often too small for many toddlers.
  • Children sometimes prefer using a regular commode instead.
  • Your child will have to eventually make the transition from a potty to a toilet.

The First Few Days

Potty training is all about timing. If you begin potty training when your child is tired, hungry, or ill, you'll find success to be very elusive at best. You'll want to introduce your child to the potty or toilet in a pleasant, non-confrontational manner. His potty experiences should be positive and upbeat.

  • Invite him to sit on the potty without expecting any type of activity.
  • Read some books for kids on potty training.
  • Sit on the toilet while he sits on his potty.
  • Set up a chart or some type of reward system if you choose.
  • Talk to your child about using the potty, and let him know that accidents are ok.
  • Take your child to the potty frequently throughout the day, and encourage him to sit there for a few minutes.

Day and Night

For most parents, potty training success initially happens during the day, and nighttime training comes later. Once he has been fairly successful during the day, you can then focus on the night. Some choose to do everything at once, however. You should be prepared to put your child in underwear or panties and go from there.

Throwing Away the Diapers or Pull Ups

After the first three or four days of successful training, you and your child need to go shopping for some panties or underwear. Let your child pick out a package or two of brightly colored undies, and talk to him about how proud you are. Then, let your child wear his underwear with Pull Ups pulled on over them for a day or two to introduce this new feeling.

The End of the Week

If your child is truly ready, and he understands the concept of using the potty, you may find that he is potty trained for the most part by the end of one week. Potty training in one week may not come easily, especially for younger children, but it is possible.

However, don't limit yourself to this timetable. If your child has gotten the general idea about what to do, and he is staying dry most of the time, totally training isn't far away. Don't forget to give lots of praise when he uses the potty! He'll really want to please you, and he'll be proud of himself as well.

Crucial Tips for Potty Training in One Week