Tips for Potty Training in a Day

Toddler girl training to use the potty
Can you potty train your child in one day?

You've probably heard about the concept of potty training in a day. Can this really happen? It is possible!

Determining Readiness

It doesn't matter how many potty training books, DVDs, and guides you purchase; if your child isn't ready to potty train, it just won't happen. Whether you are shooting for the day session or just beginning the process, you'll need to look for signs that your little one is ready to shed those diapers.

  • Does she stay dry throughout the night?
  • Does he show interest in the potty?
  • Does she talk about using the potty?
  • Does he dislike wearing a soiled diaper?

If you can answer "yes" to several of these questions, your child may be ready to potty train. If you answer "no" to the majority of them, however, wait until your child is a bit older before attempting to potty train him or her.

Planning and Preparation

Planning and preparation are the keys to potting training in a day. The success your child enjoys has a lot to do with how you prepare him or her for this special day. You can't expect your child to grasp the concept of using the potty, shed her diaper, and never have another accident all in one day. Although you may actually be able to find success in potty training in a day, you'll need to prepare your child ahead of time.

  • Let your child watch you or her siblings use the potty.
  • Take him shopping for some cool underwear that he can pick out.
  • Talk about the big event several weeks ahead of time so that it is something she looks forward to.
  • Plan to spend the entire day with her at home. It will be hard to potty train her if you have to go to work, run errands, etc.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary distractions. If you have lots of things going on that day, shoot for another day that will be calmer.
  • Gather all of your supplies beforehand. This includes treats, potty, etc. Some people want to skip the potty and go right for the big toilet. Decide ahead of time what works for you. If you do use a potty, however, choose one that will be comfortable for your child. There are also potty seats available that attach to a regular toilet.

Plans for Potty Training in a Day

How you choose to carry out the big event is up to you.

  • Potty training kits-There are actually kits available, such as the Potty Scotty or Potty Patty Kit. These kits typically include a DVD, book, and doll with accessories. As your child begins her one day potty training adventure, so does the doll. When your child sheds his diapers, so does the doll. As your little one uses the potty, so does the doll. The concept relies on your child enjoying this new experience with a new friend…his or her doll.
  • Potty training parties-While everyone loves a party, the concept of a "potty party" is a relatively new one. However, there are those who really play up the big day by inviting friends and relatives to celebrate the relinquishment of those pesky diapers and the adoption of big girl panties or big boy underwear. You decide how big you want the celebration to be, but be sure you play up the day with your child several weeks ahead of time.
  • Quiet success-Others who want to try the one day potty training method simply spend a quiet day at home with their son or daughter. Beginning in the morning, you make a big deal of getting rid of all the diapers and pulling out the new underwear. Next, you'll take your child to the potty several times throughout the day. Be sure and use lots of positive reinforcement and even little treats if you like. At the end of the day, hopefully, your child has achieved success. If not, don't despair! There's always tomorrow!
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Tips for Potty Training in a Day