100+ Russian Girl Names From Traditional to Unique

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Russian names are rich with tonal quality as well as interesting meanings. Learning a little about the fundamentals of Russian names for girls and meanings may inspire you to choose one for your newborn.

Popular Russian Names for Your Baby Girl

Selecting a Russian baby name for your new arrival can be challenging when you consider the many options available. Explore a list of popular Russian names for your bundle of joy.

  • Anastasia - resurrection

  • Angelina - heavenly creature

  • Annika - grace

  • Galina - calm

  • Irina - peace

  • Karine - beloved

  • Katina - pure

  • Khristina - a follower of Christ

  • Kira - ruler

  • Lada - goddess of beauty

  • Lara - cheerful

  • Lelyah - holy

  • Lia - weary

  • Mila - gracious, dear

  • Nadia - hope

  • Natalia - the birthday of the lord

  • Nina - favor, grace

Russian girl names from traditional to unique

Beautiful Russian Names for Your Princess

There is nothing more important than a strong, beautiful name for your child. Learn a few heavenly names for your little one.

  • Anna - grace

  • Anzhelika - angel

  • Avdotya - good

  • Bella - beautiful

  • Calina - the moon

  • Dariya - possessing goodness

  • Dasha - God's gift

  • Diana - divine, heavenly

  • Izabelle - pledged to God

  • Mischa - God like

  • Nadezhda - hope

  • Ninotchka - grace, favor

  • Oksana - praise be to God

  • Ol'ga - blessed holy

  • Olechka - holy

  • Olien - dear one

  • Olya - dedicated to the gods

  • Paraaha - born Good Friday

  • Pheodora - divine gift

  • Polina - of Apollo

  • Rada - happy

  • Radinka - counsel

  • Renata - born again

  • Roksana - dawn

  • Roza - rose

  • Svetlana - light, shining

  • Tavisha - heavenly

  • Vanka - favoured by God

  • Zhanna - God is gracious

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Strong Warrior Like Russian Female Names

Do you have a little warrior princess on your hands? Then you need a strong name to fit her unique and willful personality.

  • Antonina - feminine form of Anthony

  • Cyzarine/ Czarina - royalty

  • Elena - shining light

  • Grusha- untamed, majestic

  • Helina - the light of the sun

  • Klavdiya - female form of Claudius

  • Larisa - Greek nymph, daughter of Pegasus

  • Lena - temptress

  • Mariya - rebelliousness

  • Matrona - lady

  • Nika - victory

  • Nikita - victor

  • Paulina - little stone

  • Pyotr - rock

  • Raisa - leader, rose

  • Regina - queen

  • Stanislava - one who achieves glory

  • Ulyana - youthful

  • Valentina - healthy, strong

  • Valeriya - to be healthy

  • Yevdokiya - to seem well

Natural Russian Names to Fit Your Beautiful Baby Girl

Find a fun, youthful, and beautiful name to fit your new baby. Dive into Russian names around nature, youth, and beauty.

  • Darya - sea

  • Doroteya - gift

  • Evva - life

  • Faina - light, shining

  • Florentina - blooming flower

  • Gala - calm one, healer

  • Innessa - pure

  • Iris - rainbow

  • Jelena - deer

  • Julija - youth

  • Katia - pure

  • Kseniya - foreigner, guest

  • Margarita - pearl

  • Marina - from the sea

  • Nelli - new

  • Rozaliya - rose

  • Sanvi - knowledge

  • Sonechka - wise one

  • Tatiyana - fairy princess

  • Yuliya - youthful

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Russian Girl Names With Shortened Forms

Russian girls have a first, middle, and last name. However, you'll also notice they use diminutive or nicknames for their traditional given names. These shortened forms are used in informational situations. However, nicknames can quickly get confusing because they might not sound or look anything like the original name. Explore some traditional Russian names with their shortened form.

  • Agnessa (Nessa) - chaste

  • Aleksandra (Sasha) - defender

  • Alla (Allochka) - scarlet

  • Alonya (Alonka) - bright and shining

  • Lidiya (Lida) - beautiful one

  • Liliya (Lilya) - lily

  • Lyubov (Lyuba) - love

  • Tamara (Toma) - palm tree

  • Vera (Verochka) - faith

  • Veronika (Vera) - victory bringer

  • Viktoriya (Vika) - to conquer

  • Vladislava (Lada) - glory, fame

  • Yekaterina (Katya) - pure

  • Yelena (Lena) - shining one

  • Yelizaveta (Liza) - consecrated to God

Russian Naming Traditions

Various cultures have different traditions when it comes to naming babies, but each tradition is significant and meaningful. Russian names for babies are no exception, and the cultural significance of each name begins with the organization of an individual's designation.

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First, Middle, and Last Names

Naming traditions in Russia include three names for each individual: a first name, patronymic name, and a surname. The surname is handed down from one generation to the next, as are the surnames in many other cultures. The first name is referred to as the baby's given name. However, the patronymic name is a derivative of the father's first name.

Russian First Names

Parents name their babies soon after birth. Russian law allows children to change their first names when they have reached maturity. Russian first names have different forms that are used during various situations.

  • The full form is formal and is appropriate for official documents.

  • The short form is familiar and used by family and close friends.

  • The affectionate form is typically used by grandparents and parents.

  • The rude form is an uncouth derivative of the name.

Patronymic Russian Names

The middle names in Russia are unique. Why? Because Russia uses patronymic names. As the name suggests, patronymic names are derivatives of the father's name. Parents add 'evna' or 'ovna' to their daughter's name to create the middle name from her father's first name.

Father's Name


















Russians use the first and patronymic names in formal situations. For example, a niece would address her aunt using the name combination.

The Perfect Russian Name

Whether you just like Russian names or want to pay homage to your ancestry, you have a lot of choices when it comes to Russian names for girls. Now the hard part is selecting the perfect unique name for your daughter.

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