Pictures of Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Sweet Favors for Your Baby Shower

If you're hosting a baby shower, favors can be a wonderful way to thank guests for coming to celebrate with the mom-to-be. Whether you choose an edible favor, a special keepsake, or another fun little gift, your guests will feel included and appreciated.

These adorable ducky cupcakes make cute, edible favors. Talk to your local bakery about creating some for your guests. Then wrap them carefully in cellophane and send one home with each person at the end of the party.

Elegant Silver Picture Frames

Small silver picture frames make elegant favor choices for shower guests to enjoy. If the mom-to-be says it's okay, insert the baby's sonogram photo into the frame as a special keepsake. Otherwise, a simple pink or blue note is a great way to thank guests for coming.

Baby-Themed Candies

Baby-themed candies, such as conversation hearts with baby messages or tiny baby bottles or rattles, make fun, affordable favors. Package them in little cellophane bags or small jars for a tasty shower favor.

Tiny Potted Plant

A tiny potted plant makes an excellent baby shower gift, since it calls to mind the idea of new life. Choose a plant that guests can place outdoors or keep in their kitchen window. Decorate the pot with festive tissue paper or ribbons in the theme colors of the baby shower.

Decadent Chocolate

Gourmet chocolates also make a decadent favor that any baby shower guest will love. Buy pre-packaged chocolates and tie a pink or blue bow on them. Alternatively, you can use pink or blue tulle to make your own chocolate packaging.

Adorable Rubber Duckies

Who doesn't love a rubber ducky? Choose cute little ducks in the colors of the baby shower and present them to guests at the end of the event. These sweet toys will make a fun keepsake of a good time.

Cut Flowers

Present your shower guests with cut flowers as they get ready to say good-bye. You can choose blooms that signify the gender of the baby or match the theme colors for your event. This is a favor that's sure to get a smile.

Tasty Treats

Cookies make an excellent baby shower favor, especially when they color coordinate with the decorations. Ask your local bakery to make some special, individually-wrapped cookies for your event. They can even add a message like, "Thanks for coming!"

Gift Cards

Gift cards are another shower favor everyone will love. You can tie them with a pink or blue bow, or put them in a baby-themed envelope. Popular options include gift cards for coffee shops, beauty products stores, or spas.

Favors that Pamper

Everyone loves a little pampering, so bath and body products make very popular favors for baby showers. One great idea is to purchase bath bombs in pink or blue and wrap them in cellophane for each guest. Later, guests can remember the great time they had at the party as they relax in the tub.

If you're planning a baby shower, don't forget the favors. No matter what you choose to give your guests, this little token of appreciation will help set the tone for a wonderful event.

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Pictures of Baby Shower Favor Ideas