10 Funny Pictures of Babies to Brighten Your Day

Adorable Babies


There is no denying the cuteness of babies, but many babies are little comedians without even trying. Check out this adorable collection of baby photos that are sure to make you smile.

This baby looks like he is really proud of himself over something!

Funny Baby Face


This little one really likes sticking her tongue out for the camera!

Bossy Baby


If this baby could talk, she definitely would be giving you an ear full!

Surprised and Amused


Just when you think this little girl can't get any more cute, you add silly ponytails and an adorably surprised look on her face.

Super Baby


You might think this baby is just relaxing, but he's actually on his way to solve some crimes and catch some bad guys.

Office Woes


Oh, the woes of office life! This baby is not happy about her to-do list.

Meal Time


Is this baby eating or creating mushy art? Either way, he seems pretty amused with the situation.

Swaddled and Sassy


Sometimes the simplest facial gestures are the funniest. This newborn baby lets you know how he feels about your particular style of peekaboo!

Relaxing Baby


This baby is ready for a vacation from all this "growing-up" nonsense.

What's Cooking?


"Uh-oh," this baby seems to be saying. "When they asked me to dinner, this isn't what I expected!"

Pictures of babies are a surefire way to brighten your day.

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10 Funny Pictures of Babies to Brighten Your Day