Beautiful and Fun Girl Baby Shower Decorations

It's a Girl!

If you're planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be who knows she's having a girl, get ready to have fun with your decorations. With a few key items, you can create a feminine party atmosphere where everyone can welcome the little princess.

A fun trend in baby shower decorating is the use of pennant buntings. These fabric triangles add festive flair and give the shower a light-hearted appeal. Choose both pink and lavender for some fun contrast.

Festive Banner
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A festive banner is a great way to add a focal point to your decorating. Choose an "It's a girl" banner like this one or any banner than welcomes baby to the world. This inexpensive decoration will add a lot to the style of your shower.

Tissue Poms

Buy or make some pink tissue poms to hang from the ceiling of your room. If you're holding the shower outdoors, you can attach these poms to the tree branches. They offer a lot of decorative impact, and after the shower, the mom-to-be can take them home to decorate the nursery.

Table Decorations

Carry your baby girl-themed decorating into your table decorations by choosing pink china and tablecloths. You can accent with white and silver to add sophistication.

Lots of Fresh Flowers

One great way to embrace girly style for an upscale baby shower is to decorate with fresh flowers. Choose bouquets in shades of pink, placing one on each table. You can also put arrangements on the gift table and cake table.

Tons of Balloons

Nothing says "party" quite like balloons. Fill your room with dozens of helium balloons in different shades of pink or purple. You'll get an instant girly look, along with a childlike charm that will make your shower a success.

Hanging Butterflies

A butterfly theme is perfect for a baby girl's shower, and you can use it as inspiration for your decorations. In addition to choosing a butterfly cake and paper products, decorate your space with paper or fabric butterflies. For a fun look, attach a piece of fishing line to your butterflies, and hang them at different heights from the ceiling.

Vintage Bear

Vintage baby gear makes for a sweet shower theme. You can set the stage with your decorations, including a vintage teddy bear. Place this focal point on the cake table or near the buffet.

Go Wild!
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Whether or not you pair it with the classic pink or a bolder pink, animal print shower decorations are a great way to create a girly atmosphere fit for a princess. Animal prints go beyond the traditional and let your guests know that they're in for a fun time.

Ladylike Ladybugs
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A ladybug-themed shower is a unique and creative way to welcome a little girl. Start your decorations with a white, black or red table cover and add lots of red and black balloons and polka dots. It's a different kind of decorating theme, but guests will love it.

No matter which baby shower theme you choose for the shower, you can show your love for the new little girl and her mommy-to-be using fun, creative decorations. Experiment with several ideas to find a few that are perfect for your event.

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Beautiful and Fun Girl Baby Shower Decorations