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Inspiring Pictures of Baptism Cakes

Pictures of Baptism Cakes

A baby's baptism marks a special time, and these pictures of baptism cakes can help you decide on just the right way to end the event with sweet celebration. While the baptism is a solemn event, the cake can incorporate special touches, from sweet to festive. Unique toppers can transform any cake into the perfect baptism cake.

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Bible Baptism Cake

Symbolic cake decor, such as the miniature Bible and doves in this photo, add a very special touch to a baptism cake. Smooth fondant frosting provides a perfect base for intricate cake decorations like these.

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Baby Baptism Name Cake

Colorful block frosting, an infant topper, and the baby's name adorning the top of the cake all come together for for a sweet and festive cake. Stick to pastels or muted brights for a look that fits this occasion.

Cross Cake

The cross is another popular symbol used for baby baptism cakes. From unique cross cake toppers, to artistic frosting crosses to elegant airbrushed cross designs, there are many options.

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Baptism Cupcakes

If you're looking for an alternative to the standard cake, baptism cupcakes are a fun choice. Decorative cupcake wrappers make it simple to turn an ordinary cupcake into themed treats for a baptism.

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Baptism Sheet Cake

A sheet cake is an economical choice for baptism celebrations. Many party stores carry edible religious images, such as this baptismal design, making it easy to bake and decorate your own cake for the baptism.

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Baby Booties Cake

A favorite topper and decorative item for baptism cakes are classic baby booties. This adorable motif, along with other classic baby-themed decor, is perfectly appropriate for a baptism.

Shaped Cakes for Baptisms

Shaped cakes can be decorated with intricate details or simply frosted. Popular shapes for baptisms include hearts, crosses, and open bibles. You can find shaped cake pans at many department stores and party stores.

White for Purity

While many pictures of baptism cakes feature heavily embellished confections, don't overlook the beauty of a simple white cake. White or vanilla meringue, butter cream, fondant, and whipped cream frostings not only taste delicious, but the white exterior can be symbolic of the baptism.

Images of Baby Inspired Baptism Cakes

If you're looking for more inspiration for your little one's baptismal dessert, look no further than the baby herself. Get ideas from accents or colors on her baptismal gown, his eye color, or a favorite toy.

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Inspiring Pictures of Baptism Cakes