Why You Need a Toddler Table and Chairs for Your Kids

Red toddler table and chairs set
A toddler table and chairs are just right for your little one.

Toddler table and chairs allow your little one to feel like a big person. With a dining set geared toward his height, he won't have to deal with the difficulty of sitting and eating at a big table. There are also many other benefits to buying a table and chairs sized just for your toddler. Once you discover the benefits of owning a pint size table, you can use the following tips to find the right one for your home.

Why Buy a Toddler Table and Chairs?

Like most things in a child's world, your toddler will eventually outgrow a table and chairs set geared for his current height. Since this is the case, you might be wondering, "why buy a table and chairs for a toddler?" Even though their usefulness has an expiration date, there are still many reasons why you may want to invest in these pieces of furniture.

Many things in a toddler's life are not built for their size. They experience a world where things are too small (clothes and toys from their life as a baby) and things are too big (possessions of other people and the house in general). Toddlers are at a point in their psychological development where they begin to see the distinction between themselves and the other people around them. Having something geared just for their height makes them feel important. When they have their own table and chairs it is comforting to them because they see a space in their homes where they fit.

In addition to being psychologically comforting, a table and chairs set makes practical sense. Many families begin to teach their children table manners by seating them at their own table and chairs. Since everything is in proportion, the child can easily reach all the items on the table. They can also sit comfortably at the table so they can enjoy their meal.

Many families don't use a small table and chairs for mealtimes, but it comes in handy for many other purposes. A small table and chairs is perfect for craft time. If you've spend 30 minutes scrubbing fingerpaint off of your nice dining set, you'll welcome the small table and chairs as an alternative craft space. Sitting at a small table makes it easier for your child to do crafts and draw. If you have two young children, they can enjoy playing a game together.

Finding a Small Table and Chairs

Because of interest, many manufacturers offer small tables and chairs that are just right for toddlers. If you are in the market for a table and chairs, you have a few decisions ahead of you. Your main decision is in the material that is used to make the table and chairs. Your basic choices are plastic, wood veneer and solid wood.

A plastic table and chairs are durable and can wash easily. They normally come in bright colors and are resistant to weather damage, if they are stored outside.

A wood veneer table and chairs have the appearance of hardwood without the cost. They cost a bit more than a plastic table and chairs, but they have a more understated appearance.

A solid wood table and chairs is a good investment if you want to have a keepsake set of furniture. However, they are the most expensive of the different options. Also, if you have very young toddlers, you may want to try a different option because they do not do well with stains.

No matter what type of toddler table and chairs you choose, you'll be adding an important piece of furniture to your home.

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Why You Need a Toddler Table and Chairs for Your Kids