Beautiful Turkish Baby Names


Turkish baby names can be a beautiful and special way to provide your child with a name that is out of the ordinary and possibly tied to his/her heritage if your roots happen to be based in the nation of Turkey.

Understanding Turkish Baby Names

Just like any other country and culture, Turkey has popular names for both boy and girl babies. In the case of this specific nation, more than 3 million babies were named Mehmet and Fatma, the most trendy names for a boy and girl respectively, according to the Turkish Citizenship Beareau's Directorate. It may not sound like a Jennifer or a Michael, but these are common and recognizable names to a Turkish family, and are still used frequently today.

While obviously used in Turkey, this culture of names is often found in countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Many names have intricate meanings behind them, providing each child with a rich history behind his/her name. While some names, such as Jasmine, have come into popular culture here in Western nations, there are some unique titles still importing their way over to the United States.

Below are some choices for both boys and girls. Consider using these ideas if you are from Turkish descent, or if you have just been inspired by the nation of Turkey, its customs or faith.

Baby Girl Name Ideas

  • Elif - is pronounced like "a leaf" and has two meanings. The first is "slim and tall girl," and the second - it is the first letter in the Arabic alphabet. For this reason, it can be written as a single letter in Arabic. Elif has also been described as being symbolic of God's uniqueness.
  • Sedrah - a shortened version of the name of a tree found on the highest platform of heaven according to the Quran. This is a popular name for Turkish girls, and a smart choice too, as it is easily pronounced in any language.
  • Ayla - has its meaning rooted in the supernatural, symbolizing "circle of light" around the sun, or simply a halo. In Hebrew, it can also mean "moonlight."
  • Dilara - this is a combination of two words, the Persian word for "of the heart" and the Turkish word for "desire," meaning that little girls bearing this name carry the title of "desires of the heart."

Some female names can mean different things with a similar spelling, meaning parents should take caution before getting too creative. For example, Eda means "good manners," but when you enhance it into Edila, it suddenly means "arrogance." If you are attached to names with symbolism and rich meaning, it's important you know all the variations.

Boy Names

There are also male Turkish baby names that are stunning and regal, making them perfect for that new baby birth announcement.

  • Arif - means "knowledgeable" and is often found in Muslim nations. When you use Arif in a conversation rather than a name, the term means a "seeker of knowledge" in regards to religion and spirituality.
  • Ahmad - in tradition with heavily religious names bestowed upon baby boys, the name Ahmad is Persian, and means "thanks God." It is a derivative of the Islamic Mohammed, which has made it an extremely popular Turkish name.
  • Deniz - means "the sea" and is one of the root origins of the Western Dennis and Denise.

Finding Names

Outside of these few examples, there are plenty of places to find Turkish names. The website Babynology, is one great starting place. You can also check out Baby Names if you're looking for an extensive online database.

In bookstores, check out the pregnancy and childbirth section for baby name books, both small and extensive, many of which have cultural sections to help you select a Turkish baby name your whole family can agree upon.

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Beautiful Turkish Baby Names