How to Choose an Uncommon Baby Name

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Do you really want an uncommon name for your baby?

What we classify as an uncommon baby name can change with the weather. One year there may be thousands of Madisons born and then the name will go out of style like leg warmers. Some people like to follow celebrity trends and use celebrity baby names while others may prefer biblical baby names and still others may prefer to go with a choice from the currently most popular baby names.

Choosing an Uncommon Baby Name

Congratulations! You're having a baby. Now you need to name it. Every parent believes that his or her child is special and one of a kind. Indeed, all are. The reason so many people want to name their children with uncommon names is that they want their children to stand out in the world as much as they do in their parents' eyes. While parents can't possibly be blamed for wanting their little love to stand out in a crowd, they can be blamed for not giving considerable thought to how they choose a name for their child.

Questions to Consider

What is uncommon varies by generation and yesterday's uncommon name is today's common name. These days, traditional names are becoming more and more uncommon. How many parents are really naming their kids Theodore and Mary these days? Before you dub the next Madison or MacKenzie, consider the following questions:

What is your reason for wanting an uncommon baby name?

Do you want your child to stand out? If so, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Consider what you will be saddling your child with before choosing their name. After all, a name is forever - or at least until a court order and the DMV deem it not so.

What impact will the name you choose have on your child at school?

Consider the types of nicknames that other children will come up with for your young Pygmalion. Remember, children can be cruel. Consider how often teachers will mispronounce your child's name. Do you really want to put little Calliope through that? Also consider how often little Sa'andrah's name will be misspelled.

What sort of impact could the name you choose have on your child's future career?

Choosing a name like Crystal for a child whose last name is Chandler or Chandelier is almost fating your daughter to the life of an exotic dancer, or that of being mistaken for one. If your last name is Lee, the last thing you'll want to name your little girl is Gypsy Rose. By the same token, if your last name is James, please reconsider before naming your little boy Jesse. When your child is grown up and the CEO of Microsoft, consider how they might feel about you when they sign so many documents as Crystal Chandelier.

Some Currently Uncommon Names

Uncommon Names for Children
Cowboy Nature Gothic Victorian Mythical Unique
Austin Aura Amaryllis Aurelia Aphrodite Air
Beau Balsam Belladonna Bishop Brigit Botany
Cage Cayenne Chalice Cornelia Calliope Cadence
Dale Delphinium Dusk Dexter Dionysus Diplomacy
Emmett Elm Eclipse Eloise Electra Eccentricity
Floyd Fleur Frost Fletcher Freya Fascination
Gerald Gardenia Grail Gertrude Gaia Glimmer
Houston Hazel Hades Harrison Hermes History
Justin Juniper Jezebel Iona Inanna Integrity
Kent Kemala Kindred Jarvis Juno Justice
Lance Lilac Lazarus Luella Kali Kismet
Marshall Maple Midnight Merrill Lucifer Lake
Rusty Poppy Nightshade Nola Morpheus Memory
Shane Rosebud Omen Oakley Oberon North
Troy Saffron Pandora Prudence Phoenix Opera
Vance Tansy Tempest Royal Taliesin Philosophy
Wesley Willow Wolf Sigrid Seth Remember
Zane Zinnia Zaphara Violet Zeus Temperance

Think Twice, Name Once

Those are just a few of the currently uncommon names being used for children today. Certainly you can be as creative as you wish when choosing a name for your child but be sure to consider more than just what is cute or funny. Consider the fact that your child will have to live with that name for the rest of her life. What do you suppose it might be like to be introduced as the Senator's wife, Remember?

Where to Find Interesting Baby Names

Rather than checking out the latest and most popular baby names book, try looking in some more creative places for your baby's name. Think about your favorite authors and the characters in their books. Rather than J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter characters, you might want to consider the classics like Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, and Homer. Consider the names of great world leaders and other people in history that you admire. Consider what you hope your child to aspire to and find a name with that meaning. The meaning of a name can be just as important as the name itself. If you are deeply connected to certain family members, consider a family name even if it does sound old fashioned. The important thing is that you find a name that means something positive to you and make it positive for your child.

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How to Choose an Uncommon Baby Name