Great Places to Find Used Baby Clothing

used clothing

There are plenty of great reasons to consider purchasing used baby clothing for your little one. The most obvious reason, of course, is the price--used infant clothing can be more than 50 percent cheaper than new clothing--but it's also a great way to recycle. Once your baby outgrows her own clothes, you can always sell them and use the profits to buy the next size up.

Used Baby Clothing Bargains

Although it is quite possible to find new clothing bargains in department and discount stores, you can find even better deals on used baby clothing. The trick is to find merchandise that is also in good condition.

Consignment Shops

When shopping for children's clothing, your first stop should be your area's consignment stores. Most shops have clearance sales just like regular department stores, only the savings are usually much larger. Be sure to examine the clothing before you buy and find out the store's policy on returns. Many towns will have small, independently-owned resale shops that you can find on the Internet or the Yellow Pages, but there are a few national chain stores.

Once Upon a Child: This nationally-based consignment shop sells previously owned clothing, toys, and furniture. You can often find clothing that still has its retail tags on at a fraction of the original price. Once Upon a Child has high standards when accepting items for resale, so you can be confident that the clothing you purchase will be like new.

Kid to Kid: With stores in more than 20 states, Kid to Kid resells gently used children and infant clothing, baby furniture, and toys. Don't forget to sign up for their email newsletter to receive extra coupons and information about store promotions.

Online Shopping

There are tons of websites that offer great bargains in used baby clothing. Be careful, however, when buying from a website or dealer that is unknown to you.

Ebay: The online auction giant has a whole section devoted to infant and children clothing. Some of these bargains are for new clothing, but be sure to factor in the shipping costs before you begin bidding.

Craigslist: You should be able to find local resellers through this classified-posting website. Many of the ads on this site are listed by families simply looking to clear out clothing they no longer need, but be cautious when sharing personal information with strangers.

Garage and Yard Sales

If you've ever been bitten by the yard sale bug, then you know what an adventure it can be! Of course, finding a yard sale that features clothing in the style and size you are looking for, and getting there before it's been picked over, is the challenge.

If the sales advertise children's clothing, plan on hitting those first and don't be afraid to get there a little early. You don't want to arrive late and see someone else carry away bags of infant clothing.

Sell Your Baby's Used Clothing

Finally, don't forget that a great way to finance your child's wardrobe is to make money on his used clothing! You'll get a better price if you wash, iron, and store the clothing away in air-tight containers until you are ready to sell, then take it to a consignment shop or host your own yard sale.

The Ultimate Recycling Opportunity

Shopping for bargains on infant clothing--and making money from it--is a great way to avoid the extra cost of new clothing that your baby may only wear once or twice. Since babies always come with unexpected costs that can add up quickly, this is one easy way to save money.

Great Places to Find Used Baby Clothing